Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bring on the Rain

i was actually about to blog bout something else but then i got a text from my ex...
i dont know...i dont know what im supposed to do...whats wrong and whats right...
if i get back together with her, will the same mistakes happen again? like how things went a thousand times before.
i know for a fact that she does loves me...her love has been true from the beginning..
but then again, some people just arent meant to be together u know...
yea i used to not believe in things such as fate...but things happened and i learned the hard way.
i accept her apology...but one thing i hate the most bout my ex is that she have this thing call 'kesedaran 10 saat'. she agrees. one time dier apologize n ckp ni ckp tu then dier tuka plak.
apapepn, i dont think im gonna get back together with her. time will tell

That girl reminds me of my ex. a lot. thats why i like to usha her during class hee hee ;) loves her smile

btw, i got my camera. Canon 400D. tp malas nk cite. here's my first shot


Secondhand Serenade - It's Not Over

i spent time looking at all our pics n videos together. sgt sedey.

" you will always have a place in my heart " - her

Wedding di Putrajaya

so after sedih2 with all the perpisahans, ktorang blk, hensem2 kan diri and betolak ke wedding abg Billy, kat Putrajaya. nothing much happened at the wedding cus we werent really into the wedding and we pretty much just hang out ngan ktorang2 je. even Billy lepak ngan ktorang hahaha. we took some pics of us doing crazy stunts; including a pic where Nick harass Syakir on air hahaha. doggie di udara. will post pics later when i got em from Billy. oh btw dalam sme pic, i looked like a macha :(

off to bed. esok kene g ngan my dad beli camera. gnite2

* so here are the pics :) enjoy

pro bergamba bersame pro

pic yang x focus tp still hensem hahaha

stim usha lan. too hot to handle

ni la yg plg sme org da ready


apabila Bruce Lee masok boyband

boyband habes haha

berry part 1

doggie di udara woof woof

high musical 80

hands in the air

half of me :(

berry part 2

" aku kawen next year sbb dier tgh SPM.
aku xnk kacau " - Billy Pro

Sebak yang Gembira

in life, perpisahan is something yang sgt normal and slalu happen. in fact, u can even say it always happen. but no matter how many times uve faced perpisahans, it still sedih and hurts everytime it happens.

this subuh, my sis bertolak ke uitm kat terengganu. i dont know exactly where. dier g for registration and orientation sme. subuh tadi, everyone bangon to see her off. unlike mase dier g matrix dulu, most of us were asleep ( including me haha ) so even tho she was sad that time, dier x emo cus we werent there to wave goodbye. tadi she x dpt tahan and she cried. to be honest, i pn sedih but laki kan macho, mane bole nanges. hahaah. this is the first time she have to go away so far and for so long. i doa dier sehat, have fun, and dpt la pape yg dier patot dpt kat sane.

good luck to the both of you

then petang plak, i, syakir, syed, lan, alip and fifie g LCCT ke ape ntah. i dont exactly know name dier cus it was my first time g ctu. at first time i tot we had to go to KLIA and i was sgt pelik when smpi ctu and KLIA da betuka jadi cam warehouse ( my first and last time g KLIA pn was when i was in primary skool so i mmg x igt pn rupe dier hahaha ). malas nk cite panjang so tap tap tup tap Is nyer flight da nk terbang. dier nk g Sarawak, smbg blaja kat Unimas. Sedih je time dier nk blah i tgk dier ngan his dad. If i were in his shoes, i wouldve probably cried. hahaha. yer i emo and snang touching. especially when it comes to family. sangat lemah. and ahli Spartan kurang la sorang. wuuu wuuu XD we will miss you maNje

then i main angin sepanjang jalan blk :) weeeeeeee~

" McD cni mahal cam cibai "

Saturday, June 28, 2008


i dreamed of my ex this morning. very lame.

sooo i told my dad last week that im gonna be doing a lot of digital works in my majoring. u know a lot of photo editing; videos mmmm modelling, other things so i needed a better pc to do the job since my laptop lame kene kilat and then repair blk and then kene air plak and then ok da tp dier jd super lembap and sgt slalu crash. there was no way i boleh wat keje kat laptop tu cus main ym pn bole hang. and this morning, my dad kasi i laptop baru :) hee hee. xtau la bole x wat 3D modelling but spec dier cam ok je cus my dad da upgrade sme. so i currently tgh install apape yg patot ( and by apape yg patot i meant garena, w3, ym, firefox, ss&d, guitarpro hahaha ). dari pagi td dok copy files from my old laptop ( lagu wajib ) and yeah pic2 n our vids ikot skali. but i didnt open em. dont wanna hurt myself :)

my dad is really manusia plg stylo in the whole wide world u know. i mean not as in stylo cam he's into the latest trend or dier giler easygoing or openminded or sgt sporting. maksod i, we have a big family and how dier bole survive to jage ktorang sme, is seriously amazing. its been like 10+ years now since that happened to him and life has been hard for him ( we, anak2 dier take things for granted seriously ) but dier still masih bole support us sampai now. yes, sometimes dier menyakitkan hati and sometimes dier over2 but who doesnt? byk keje he had to do and still doing for us, and i must say im very very proud and happy to have him. i adore u and i admire u. dad, ure the best. i lap u.

" ...and if you have to go, i will always say that you shine brighter than anyone dad "

Bahasa itu indah

here are new words that i da blaja kat MMU :

  • Adoiyai - to express excitement, shock, awe or dismay. same mcm alitta; which i learned in MMC (pembawe : ramai sgt)
Iznie : Syg, jom lunch!
Syakir : Adoiyai!
  • Khalamak - same as Adoiyai. but this one is special because Helmi je ckp style lain(pembawe : Syakir aja Halamak, Helmi sebut Khalamak)
Mat Salleh : OO EMM GEEE!!!
Faiz : Halamak!
Helmi : Khalamak!
  • Rancai - i dont even know when to used this word! haha (pembawa : Shafiq)
Syed : Hari ni class 80 jam straight.
Shafiq : Rancaiiii~~~
  • Kankir (i dont actually remember. nnt btlkn) - awek (pembawa : Shafiq)
The reason why guys like to have lunch at HB3 is because there are many Kankirs there
  • Kair/kaer - nerd/noob/burok/xcool ; i pn x sure actually (pembawa : Shafiq)
Shafiq : Awek dlm movie ni giler comel tp bf dier mmg kair!
  • Acah2 - brings the same meaning as dandan (pembawa : Shafiq n Im)
Faiz : Dee, Yan, Sheila, Min, Nini, Aisyah ckp diorang sayang kat aku
Syed, Im, Syakir, Shafiq, Chip, Helmi : Acah2 je kau!
  • Touching - sanyer da lame blaja touching tp kat MMU ni byk mengalami touching. Name lain polis (pembawa : gedikness)
Syed & Syakir : td ktorang makan ngan Aisyah kat Sirah kol 8
Faiz : pergghhh korang dpt n makan be2 je...touching la camni
  • Tiroid - memerlukan kasih sayang dan skittles (xcept kaler orange)
Pembekal Skittles
  • Ckp Pom - same ngan acah2 atau dan2 ( pembawa : Chip Chip n Dale )
Faiz : Dee, Yan, Sheila, Min, Nini, Aisyah ckp diorang sayang kat aku
Syed, Im, Syakir, Shafiq, Chip, Helmi : Ckp pom je kau ni!
  • Power Rangers - something/someone yg sgt power. smpi tahap mcm power rangers (pembawa : Sheera)
Power Rangers Orange
Hayley Williams
on a side note, the reason byk blog are posted on the same day ni is because I dont have time or the luxury to post blogs on weekdays so i usually write em up kat mane2 and post em when i get home and ade internet. been like this since high school. harap maklum :)
P.S : Some of the examples given above are actually true events that happened in this week. And of course, the rest direka2 oleh fantasi dan imaginasi penulis

Gedik Without A Target

arghhh its only been week 2 n my kaki is killing me! hahah gedik kan. Penat siot bejalan2 ulang alik dlm MMU. Nk setelkan sme sme bende. Mengalahkan shopping. Well myb bdak pompan x dpt kalahkan la. haha. x biase la. dulu MMC kecik je. Dr one place to another dekat giler. Jalan dgn penoh slamber je. MMU sgt len. For starters, i x biase blaja in full english n my english sgt terabor tebabooo. Sgt segan i ngan bdak2 younger than me dr Alpha yang english diorang power mcm...power rangers. Haha. Sheera bongok. N bdak2 MMU len la. Ade yg lg best, ade yg lg x best. Tp papepn bende yg plg best bout MMU is blanje byk nk mampos. X lalu beb. Kesian my dad. Ni pn camera blm beli n if xde by Monday, drop subject is the answer for meeee. Aku pn sengal g masok MMU. Xtaw nape. Haih. saye sgn xde arah tuju and dreams. I guess you can say saye xde life. Currently, all i do is g class, usha2 awek, patahhati ( oh yan :( ), pura2 tdo ngan OC, men guitar, men dota, repeat 80 kali seminggu! Bagus untuk kesihatan. Zzzzzz Assignments! Haa da ade 3 tp satu pn blm start. Adoi adoi adoiiyaiiii. Da la nsk kat dapo da hbs. Kelaparan...nk Skittles! Haha

"Usaha mmg tangge kejayaan. Tp kalau tangge tu tinggi sgt, x lalu beb!" - Ijat

Where Love Fades to Hate

Relationships 101

ONE - You dont get to do wat you wanna do. No hanging out with frens , playing games, doing things without her. Main reason nape i didnt wanna continue my rltnship with my ex. She always telling me wat to do and what not to do. And its like everything that i like do is wrong to her. Yes, i never listened but still, hearing her bitching all the time menyakitkan hati.

TWO - Fights are pointless. Usually, fights with my ex never had any good outcome. Almost everynite gado, sktkan ati each other for hours, both sides xnk listen, nver reach any agreement or understanding, in the end neither side gain anything ( xcept tmbh marah of course ) n then...Yerp, more fights. Oh joy~

THREE - Its hard to move on when its over and thru out the process, it hurts...A LOT.

Actually, i dont even know what real love is. But then again who does? I have to admit when it comes to love;
im not commited, meaning i dont do much txting, gayut-ing, pujuk-ing.
im not a charmer, meaning i dont know how to please, how to melt her heart, how to say the right words at the right time, and sometimes, i cant even make her smile.
im selfish, meaning i prefer things to go my way, i usually do things that benefits me most, and i dont do changes.

Easier said, im not ready for love. Totally am not rdy. Plus, being able to gedik2 is so much fun.

"and i tried my best to show her love, but i dont even know what love is"

Sunday, June 22, 2008 start something new

wow. i cant even remember when was the last time i 'really' blogged. the graduation blog on myspace doesnt really count as a blog. i was bored and thought my friend should know i was graduating so i decided to post a blog bout it but yeah, it doesnt count.

i stopped blogging due to what happened a couple years ago. yerp, my first break up. also due to the fact no one would read my blogs anymore ( except Syira si gadis manis im so sorry ) since i lost my two favourite reader, Amy and Lina. till today, im still wondering if Amy even exist. is she even a she? is there really a person named Amy? well, no way finding that out now since last i talked to her she was in Vancouver, Canada and then she just went missing.
and Lina...well lets just say i was one of her Online Friends and she got over Online Friends XD

anyway bout my first break up. shit. my pc crashed. now i have to start back from last backup aaaaaaaaaaaaa da xde mood. ill sambung later.. nk tdo

Syira is the best btw ngehehehe :))