Wednesday, May 19, 2010

too long dont read

Jason Lancaster wrote a beautiful song for his late dad. Well a few actually
Seriously they are amazing. I know my dad is still here but when you listen to specifically this song you just cant help thinking about how he felt when he lost his dad and how would you feel when its time.

Jason was a part of Mayday Parade. Heck he wrote every single Mayday Parade song before Anywhere But Here. they say he left but actually he asked the band to postpone everything when his dad was dying in hospital cause of cancer. but MP said no. so they kicked him out. guess they had their reasons but still tahi ayam punyer kawan2. after his dead died, he formed Go Radio the end. MP definitely gone generic with their latest album after Jason's departure. Still listen to them tho'. And Jason wrote Thanks For Nothing to Derek ( i think ) for being a backstabbing child of the Sanders. mayday parade used to be the best music to cry to T~T

thats what friends are for :D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Digital Media

last week's Re-mediated was awesomeee.
it was this event where we had to showcase our projects for 2 days
fun fun fun
so fun that we named our installation FunWalk
here's a short video of it

FunWalk from Faiz Yunus on Vimeo.

i think people enjoyed playing our installation
even the lecturers seemed to like the idea of it
i just wanna thank everyone
Zati and Fara my groupmates
Carey, you dont know how much your 'saye tatau lah' meant when i was going crazy doing scripting mencarut-ing at my monitor.
thank you Nik for the skrin wayang. aku baru tau kat rumah aku ade satu EZ Screen dlm stor haha
Mr Hafiz, Ky for the MotionTracker Class.
everyone who came to try it out

last week giler tgk wayang. apesal ntah
and somehow Toy Story 3 kat Malaysia delayed till July kot zzz
18 June was a perfect date! pfftzz
I googled Carey Mulligan cus Amoi said Carey and Careynee looked alike.

Careynee Mulligan? haha

*Carey is dating Shia LaBeouf aww cute