Sunday, December 28, 2008

Top of the World

i wanna thank a very special friend for taking me to the top of the world, got me looking at KL from a different point of view ( which wasnt visible at all actually ) and made me realize that i dont ever wanna be on top of the world. ever again. getting my feet ( or clothes ) wet was fun tho :) thank u so much

to be loved, what more could you ask for?

my sister just started blogging ( or maybe i just found out ). the one with my old pic tu mcm cibai =_=" link's on the right. and i think Yo's post about Twilight tu sweet giler

album ive been listening to : AAR - When the World Comes Down, TAI - Fast Times at Barrington High and Envy on the Coast - Lucy Gray. got FOB's new album but erghhh, so hard to layan. sound so baru but i still havent like really listen to it. tho Patrick's voice makin power shiiiaalll. AAR best sbb lagu comel2 (Another Heart Calls new fav song ;p). TAI da jd cam typical la plak ( i hate the word mainstream/sellout btw. care yg sgt mudah/busuk to label orang ) tp ade la lagu2 yg bole layan. Envy on the Coast stim. korang kene dgr lagu Mirrors. ouh ouh RJA's new album is coming out in February!!! woot woot! video You Better Pray ok la. RJA main AE ke haha. and Elias is out of the band :(

ktorang sme da x main Dota sbb da jmpe AO ha ha ha. lagipn bak kate Lan, Dota = Dunia Orang Takde Awek and ehem, ade org tu ade awek kan zzZzzz. Kuala Lumpur is OURSS!!! HA HA HA

i started doing my Digital Typography in Motion ( tho i think its actually called Kinetic Typography but wth, nnt Mr Bad marah aku ) a week ago. at first mase baru start tu i tried for a couple hours but x dpt wat pape! screen blank je. so noob so i went to Ijat's. blaja dari master master FCM. tak lain tak bukan, Ijat ngan Sirap. uuu diorang mmg power giler la wa ckp lu especially Sirap. wei Sirap kau benti la MMU kau da power sgt wat ktorang sme nampak noob je =_= haha. btw Sirap ngan Ijat korang nyer work aku wat jadi part of 'Research' aku. xpe kn?

best jugak la main AE ni ( kalau ikot budak FA poyo [Syed sorang ar], dier pggl AFX ). power giler bende ni. satu software je bole wat byk bende. jakun giler la mase aku mule2 reti pakai bende ni. skarang still jakun lg tp kurang ah. mase 3 hari pertame tu rajin giler aku main bende ni. agak nonstop sentuh. pastu zzzZZzz paham2 je la. but aku dpt jugak la siapkan keje aku. ni ar hasil dier. RJA ftw!! :) will post the CD Cover when its done. and i might do some minor changes later. had to cut the song to meet submission requirement so mind the pelik outro haha

too bad you cant see the bubbles in this quality :(

Xmas Xmas! sumpah la in my whole life tak penah sial celebrate Xmas or kesah lgsg pn. cume tgk movie je la diorang main snow mcm best jeles jeles. tp arituuu awwww so comel tau Nini. korang tau Skittles kan k obviously la korang tau Skittles. aritu mase Xmas dier ajak aku kuar crk kotak ni...k k bukan kotak la tp cam aaa case/bekas apape la korang nk pggl. aku pn teman la. bl aku tanyer bekas ni utk ape dier jwb "suke ati la sebok plak" T~T geli sedeyh la bile dier bls camtu. pastu cam otw blk tu nini ddk blakang dier mcm bz kat blakang dgn bunyi ting tong ting tong bekas tin tu. lame la jugak dier bekerja. pastu cam bile da smpi destinasi, she gave the bekas to me and said "Merry Chirstmas :)" and i was like huh what wtf? to my suprise the bekas was actually for me, and dlm bekas tu ade 193 red skittles wehhh! ade la cite dier promise aku red skittles. and ade this cute lil message with cheep2 on it saying "193 Red Skittles 193 Days of Friendship :) Merry Xmas Dear Bubu". it was like the sweetest thing everrrrr wehhh ( not taking into account yg Skittles mmg sweet ) seriously. Nini kamu hensem.

you guys shud really look up for Gregg's Blink 182 Online Songs Kinetic Typo. uber pro. and also check this guy out.

it was also her bday on the 25th.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blood For ****what? :)

im going back to malacca with my family tonight. its raya haji everyone! ill blog bout things that happened recently after i got back from kampong cus ill probably have more to tell then :)

for now, im gonna membebel bout my clan, BFB

stands for Blood For Woobies ( ehem ). initially, we had a different name ( dotarian, tq arep ). but that name only last for a while and then we decided to change it to bfb cus bfb just sounds awesome-er and really suits the team ( especially Andy lol ). i came up with the name one day when i was doing nothing, inspired by Andy's personality and err...likings haha.

Humble Beginnings ;p
the original roster was me, yoi, andy, arep and din. i think...if im not mistaken it was 2 years ago kot. we started playing with AIs and that time rase macam susah giler! padahal AI noob nak mampos =_= senang cite everyday after class pn confirm main la. haha giler xde life. i think i appointed myself leader of the team agagaa xtau la diorang agree ke tak but so far they seem fine with it. even tho sometimes diorang get annoyed by my mulot bising, marah2 and arahan2 hahahaha. sorry guys but bear with it. leader meh. tapi kalau korang nak fatah jadi leader bole jugak wakakakak strategy golden. then din got inactive due to changes in his life like he got a gf, college's over and he got a job, got a future to think and take care of. easier said, he grew up lah. no hard feelings or issues between us. its a fact that one day all of us kene grow up and leave all this behind. its just that for us that day blm datang lagi la hahaha. so we had to find a new player to take din's place and that time fatah has been playing with us on Garena for quite sometime cus ktorang sme lepak kat Pandan same2. main reason sbb WoW tapi WoW noob. so fattah joined the team and is part of bfb smpi today :)

* i just wish din all the best and good luck dlm life *

No pressure, No pressure
dont get me wrong. even tho we have a clan tag, we only play dota FOR FUN. we dont play serious matches, InHouse or compete in tourneys. we play scrims against clans; that are our friends and people we know. its just that when we started playing dota at LAN houses ( ahh WangsaMaju was the place ), we had no teams no clans so everytime, we would shuffle the players and just play on. it was fun and all but the problem is, since we basically play in a team with random people, no teamwork, strategy and chemistery were involved. everyone would just rice and farm and proceed to own. when a person tries to lead and command, others would see it mcm dier tu kerek and bajet power cus we had no captain/teamleader. thats why we decided to form bfb and at the same time, sptn was born too. after that we started having scrims with sptn weekly and became arch enemies XD

Duniawi and Akhirat
we play dota during our free times ( and thats like most of the time haha ) and honestly, dota has ruined our lifes on several occasions. for example, i got into plenty of fights with my ex cus of dota, wat keje last menet xyh ckp la, x pegi class and the list goes on. tapi xle watpe ah. ktorang suke and ktorang happy :) ok maybe some of u cam rase men dota ni x cool lgsg lagi best go do drugs ke pegi mabok ke club ke romen or whatever la. well at least dota ni xde la menjahanamkan a person masok nerake bai. preach siket hahaha

Dreams Should Never Be Placed So High, Sohai
i know lots of 'C O O L' people out there are gonna say things like "nerds" or "get a life". all i can say is, fuck you haha. we play dota for fun and passion. same reason why musicians play music ( we do play music too. just not as much as dota hehe ) actually, my dream awal2 dulu la was to become a rockstar ngehehehehe just because i think its fun to be able to play music, write songs, and spread the message thru ppl with your OWN songs. its meaningful and its awesome. but seeing as i have near to zero talent in music, ( not taking into account that we live in Malaysia and not say US. the music industry is way different there ) i decided its a dream that wont ever come true and i just play music to pass the time :) needlessly to say i have met nice people and made lots of great friends simply thru playing dota ( DSN i love u lOLOLOL )

aku pn tatau kenape tibe2 tegerak nk tulis pasal bfb maybe sbb da lame x men same2 and smalam main so cam happy la haha ( giler lame da x jamming wei sedeyyy wuu wuu ). anyways, here's the current roster for bfb :

( ni sme pendapat/pandangan aku je. xtau la betol ke x. nnt aku tanyer diorang )

Faiz ( gamba giler emo kakaka )
Garena : modeljamban (duh)
Team Captain
Fav Role : Ganker / Support Gaw Gaw Dim Sum
Least Fav : Farmer / Ca
Dulu name aku amoureuxx ( bahase french kot. for lover haha ) tp pastu asek tuka2 name last2 skarang aku main hentam je name bile main
Mmm aku harap
aku jadi leader selame ni dapat dan telah membawa bfb ke jalan yang victorious hahah. Aku happy dan proud jadi part of team ni :)

Garena : D3wi
Name lame Andy aku lupe la. Bagi aku nd sanyer main support power giler. cume sme orang pn ade perasaan nk kill n jadi orang depan dpt name. mmg ade punyer even siket pn. so bile main support ni kite rase cam boring and x dpt nk lanci bile da menang. tapi sanyer support la role paling penting dlm dota. xde support xle jalan bai. kire support Andy wajib la dlm team ni :)


Garena : UeharaMariko ( zzz noob obssess kat actress jepun )
Asesino ( Assassin ) dier ni all-rounder sket. dier bole
main byk role. carry, support, tank, ganker sme dier bole main. tp ade yg dier noob siket. mcm dier main Zeus or Lina. terbukti la bile Lina dier farm hutan n kuar Blademail ade satu game dulu. tp dlm team kalau nk suro main hero, for example Centaur, mmg aku kasi dier.


Garena : im_the_noob ( MEMANG wakakaak )
Anerond ( korang x perlu tau ape maksud Anerond ni )
Arep aku rase best role dier main sanyer ialah semi-carry/ganker. Support dier out siket. Kalau dier main hero cam Gondar, Mirana, SF gg bai. Bank hitam tu incident kene counter. sme orang pn kalau kene counter xle nk watpe. nk suro dier beli ward...harapan hahaha

Fattah (die-hard fan siti )

Garena : fattah ( =_= )
MeePRO agagagaga. fattah ni cibai. xtau la nk kasi dier hero ape. dier kadang2 main kamjat giler. kadang2 power smpi ktorang pn tekejot. tatau bile dier serious or bile dier main2. kalau dier ckp hero tu dier bole pakai, x bole caye. kalau dier ckp dier x bole pakai pn x bole caye jugak. senang cite fattah ni hero misteri yang aku pn xtau nak watpe la ngan dier haaha tp dier main gg beb :)

maka, itu la bfb skarang. Raijin ( ahha rajin ) plak aku tulis pasal crap ni. wat blog 3R tu aku malas giler hheehe. bfb pro gl hf practice byk2 makan food byk2. last but not least, to cacing kerawet


bfb strikes back

: untuk sesape yg x minat Dota, skip jer smpi part last :

once again, bfb and spartan went into the battlefield, begado smpi mampos, as might, teamwork and skill are shown and executed, just so that at the end of the day, ktorang bole lanc dgn masing2 hahaha. da lame ktorang x men bfb lawan sptn. last time bfb kene tapau 3 game smpi muntah2. tak boleh lupe kenangan2 manis mcm tu. is ajak lawan arini. silap timing la dier sbb key player diorang ( Cr3w5 ) pegi becuti2 kat cine plak. ambek ilmu lebey dr player sane kot. serious if Lan played, its possible that the outcomes wouldve been different. he's like the punce in Sptn. Syakir didnt play too. but kalau dier main pn same je wakkaka just kidding no touchy2. Lion kau 5 on 1 power Syakir.

bfb : nd, yoi, aku, fatah, arep

we didnt plan anything like lineups or roles or whatever. on the spot ktorang buat decision. but i had some hero training yesterday. mcm Od hihihi. first 3 games were -cm. sme game pn ban ktorang same. ES, Spec, Bone, -insertheropunce- why? sbb Billy kalau main 2 hero tu gaw2 dier makan. and Is has been training ES since dier start cuti. aku jd captain dan opponent yg kejam ban lembu tu xnk kasi dier pakai kakkakak. so we won 3 games. game 1 TB couldnt farm sbb ktorang ade ward merate2. game 2 teamwork stylo. game 3 gondar arep gg.

sptn : syed, syakir, cair, sadiq, punce

pastu ktorang g mkn. time makan tu ade org tu bakar line plak nk main lagi. but there was a twist. our lineup ditentukan oleh enemy. so bfb pick hero for sptn and vice versa. nervous x igt nk main game ni sbb takot diorang kasi hero feeder habes. tapi sptn membuat kesilapan di mane diorang kasi fatah meepo, aku bear, nd pudge, arep silencer n yoi windrunner. ktorang pn tekejot fatah main meepo. power plak! aku main bear tibai je. noob x igt. bazir aegis je keje aku. pastu game last ktorang main -ar. AKU DAPAT MEEPO HAHAHAAH pastu hero diorang sme x counter meepo. diorang x kasi repick or swap so cont je la. bfb 4 int 1 agi kot. giler sedeyh. tapi xpe. ktorang makan adik cacing kerawet nyum nyum. cacing kerawet takot nk kuar so dier anta adek dier je haha

loading screen 6.99 : nerd giler kn ktorang. pegi mampos la

all in all, bfb improved la dr last time ktorang main tu kamjat habes, lan punce sptn and aku harap main tadi dpt entertain mat amin. ayah dier meninggal 2 minggu lepas. takziah and al-fatihah.

oh and tadi first time in my whole life aku jadi mama orang.
x boleh blah

al-fatihah jugak to 4 orang yg died in the tanah runtuh incident kol 4 pagi smlm. doa byk2 untuk mangse2 kejadian
member2 aku igt la bahawe DOTA ni duniawi jer. igt akhirat bai

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Buri Burger King ( wtf?! )

went on a blaja-smbl-bejalan trip last Wednesday. the place is near serdang. dont remember what the place was called but it was pretty lame. nothing special. not till we get to the fish pond located on the lower grounds. ive seen lots of fish my whole life so it didnt excite me much to see a bunch of fish swimming around the 'bekas lombong'. they seem like normal fishes but their diet is fucking weird. they eat 'jajans' like twisties, mr potato and that keropok with the bus mascot ( y a bus anyway? so random ) rota or something. as a result of my fren's 'genius' experiment, it is clear to us that those fishes dont eat tissues. not even torn ones. then again, sape makan tisu? most bizzare thing ever is when this guy threw a 'puntung rokok' ( cigarette bud eh dlm english? ) into the pond and every single ikan kat ctu like keja2 n gigit2 bende tu THEY JUST WENT CRAZY!!! over a 'puntung rokok'. i guess its clear that rokok is very addictive and drives anyone and i mean ANYONE ( including ikan ) nuts.

conclusion, rokok sangat noob. sekian.

here's a pic of my fren yg sangat bijak kasi ikan makan tisu.