Friday, April 8, 2011

in this room selfishness kills

should we keep on writing stories till your inside starts bleeding
or throw down our arms before the scars stay never-healing
i cant bear to steal your family, or the freedom that you choose
ill keep walking with my beliefs, so are we both ready to lose?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ceben eleben

that face. cant get enough of Nina & Papa! tengok video Nina mesti gelak senyum sorang2

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

never conscious never sober

everyone hates it bile tgh ceria nk keluar so mandi lah kan. tp bile nk masuk mandi tu ade makhluk hensem ddk tengah jalan ( saya penakut geli sikit lipas ni ). solution mudah je kan carik ridsect kejap spray je lah. tapi lipas kat bilik air pinkish bimbo ni serious mutant. kebal ke ape ntah dier xnk begerak kene tggu kejap. da tunggu dlm 5 mins jenguk sebelah mata tgk lipas da gone hati kembali ceria terus melalak dlm shower gentel2 ketiak. selesai semua haruslah gosok gigi kan. haaa haii babi negro ni ( saya bukan racist ) keluar balik dari lubang mane ntah ajak main cak cak. stuck kejap dlm shower mencarut carut sorang2 dekat lipas yg obviously x paham apebende aku membebel. xmen ni takde rupe cam mamai langsungg da kene spray tadi gerammmm je. stuck lagi 5 mins tapi dlm shower plak. last2 tepk jugak kenape sissy sgt ( tapi geli kot zzz ) terjah je sbb aku sissy awesome. ade lagi tu dier ddk dekat sink pulak x dapat aku gosok gigi wtv bukan pegi jmpe awek pn

serious besar cuba compare ngan kepale paippp tuuu crazyyy mutannnt!

mahal sampai scary

wajib aja anak ni do this face. after aja mengaji la tapi xD

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dilemma Oh Dilemma

tadi time makan nasik mcm biase wajib bukak tv sebab makan sambil pandang dinding je tak adventurous. tuka tuka channel and tertgk nickelodeon sbb tgh ade Kids Choice Awards. from having watches the award show i learned a few things :

  • One of BEP member had this crazy hugeee neckchain rupe diri sendiri. I know its on their album cover and at another award show Will.I.Am pn ade pakai. besaaa giler kot. lepas ni nak suro Pixelotts buat la kepale aku besa2 pastu gantung kat leher. mesti cool mcm BEP
  • nowadays semua nak roll with rappers and its a no-brainer formula for a hit single. Bieber with Ludacris, Rebecca Black with some pedo black guy, BigTimeRush ( bet u guys thought boybands da extinct kan ) with Snoop Dogg.
  • jaden smith has hit puberty yay~
  • johnny depp is still the hensem-est hobo ever. cant understand why his kids dont adore him
  • somehow Nickelodeon kat Astro ni decided to cut the show to just an hour for some reason so there were lots of stuffs I missed like Willow Smith's performance ( awww da giler excited nk whip my hair kot :< ), Miley Cyrus ( double awww :< ), and Bieber's slot ( infinitee awwws :< :< :'< fml :"< )
and Justin Bieber won 2 awards OMGGG NEVERR SAY NEVERRR. seriously, no one can beat this guy in a kids choice award. if he were nominated in every category he would've tapau 'em all. bieber power

anyway enough psl KCA, everyoneee musttt listennn to Go Radioooooo wajiibbbb

best romantic song ever or what? right? no? fuck you.

she's only 3 what do you expect :O

best betul bila sehari bole makan smpi 4-5 kali meal besar. unlike kat rumah sewe i only mkn once or twice per day. thats why im so kurus like paper :(

i have a video that ive been trying to edit and upload on my iPod but iMovie is always crashing -_- anyways you know how when u bawak budak kecik2 go buy something and when at the kedai they'll be like senyapppp je like dont wanna buy anything, then afterwards for days to come they'll be like "boleh beli lagi tak? nak beli lagi" and you'll be like -_-"""""""""""""""""""

aritu was my brother's bday but bday dier was on awal minggu, so his family came on the weekeennndd weekkeenndd ( Rebecca <3 ) so i totally tak tepk we were celebrating his bday. mase da bakar lilin sme i even asked him "ermmm who's bday are we celebrating?" dgn muke takde prasaan. he only went HAHA. mesti time tu dier rase nk tumbuk2 je. mom asked aliyah to bagi his bday present ( from mom lah kan ) and aliyah gave in to me to pass it to bday boy.

saya : "nah happy bday. saje je buat buat lupe td. ehehehe *muke 100% main2*"
bdayguy : "hihih thanks" *hulur tangan to salam*
saya : "(dlm hati) wtf i was only kidding xD so gullible *salam back*"

then i told mom and everyone and we had a laugh about it. im so tak malu haha i didnt get him anything obviously

im pretty sure all of us are old enough to know not to judge a lady solely based on the fact that she wears hijab or not. not saying its permissible in Islam but ive met tons of wonderful girls who doesnt wear hijab. keep them in your prayers inshaAllah they will be guided to the straight path one day, not kutuk belakang2 this and that. dosa bertikam lidah ( betul ke camni penggunaan tikam lidah haha ) perli2 org ni besar wei korang google la sendiri hadith ngan ayat2 dier.

still, i cant stand perempuan nampak cleavage da nak dekat kasi nipslip and shorts kaw2 short da mcm briefs aku dalam almari tu tapi tak pna pakai. bukan perli hina ke ape ntah2 diorang 5000 times a better muslim than me but pemakaian wanita mcmtu just aint acceptable bagi saya :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

touchh the rainboww!

got this from fick. seriously bangang haha. yg hitchhiker tu creepy a bit -_-

no secret agenda here, i like to know you. thats all

kawinnn kawinnn kawinn i dont know i just like to talk about marriage these days. if you really think about it, are there any downside to marriage? apart from your spouse being a total bitch and the marriage ends in a wreck. kalau salah pilih pasangan tu lain cite lah. i mean kalau dgn the one. a lot of ppl ckp "nnt xde freedom la" or "always kene bebel" or "kalau ade awek lagi cun dtg after camne?" or "sebenarnye aku xde point sme relates to freedom je".

i got this one friend, who said the same thing when i asked him last year i think. he said he doesnt want to get married cus nak enjoy. to me, nak enjoy to mcm reasoning yg tak bole blah. i mean come on most of us have been spending our whole life having fun jeeee. not just on fridays. on any day that ends with the letter 'y'. mcm saye skrg da nk masuk 23 right, i dont know sampai bile la hidup sihat lagi kan tapi kite amek cam tibai2 sampai 50 je betul2 healthy before tulang start rapuh ape sme. da nk half of my life i spent enjoy ni wei. anyway, this friend of mine is getting married on this december and i will be his pengapit haha. alhamdulillah

im not gonna go into details ckp psl tanggungjawab husband ke wtv sebab even if i membebel bout that, i only know in theory je. marriage sme org kene experience hands-on kot. bace la 70 buku how-to's pn takkan pro confirm.

soooo im gonna talk about parents and in-laws instead. im not trying to brag about my dad or anything but i wish and i pray more in-laws are like him. okay not saying he's perfect everyone pn ade tak betul. but when someone punye pegangan agama tu so kuat, dier tak tgk ( sangat ) duniawi stuffs ni. ive heard mase my dad nk kawin dulu, ade this one guy perli him and said 'dier ni boleh ke nak bagi anak2 makan nasik nnt?'. hey my dad like most people, he started small. look at him now. so he had his share of hardships mase nak kawen. if we ( ever xD ) start to u know get serious with a relationship and start talking to him about it, his one major concern is "does she/he solat 5 times a day"? one of my ipars told me the story of dia first time datang jumpe my dad bincang pasal kawin and he was like supperrrrr-shocked at how this guy in his kain pelekat layan dia.

sure we need money, everybody knows that. once i asked my dad about money when it comes to raising a family and he told me ( not in his exact words ) "niat kita kene betul. kita betul2 nk build a family, atas ajaran Islam. we work for it. and we pray to Allah. inshaAllah, Allah will provide". you can say "orang hidup senang bole la ckp" but like i said, he went through tough times mase awal2 dulu. he even said the same thing pasal nak ade anak and family planning semua. all im saying is parents should seek menantu standards like my dad rather than kesah sgt dier ni fa ke mi ke dm ke fyp hensem tak, gaji 80k tak, rumah da ade ke blm etc etc.

all in all, dad, you're awesome. marriage is awesome. Prophet Muhamamad said that "marriage is half of your religion" so basically when you get married, you're already halfway to heaven i guess >.< no what it really means is it completes your religion... i think haha and not to mention when youre married, all your amalan will be multiplied by idk how much but im sure in cases like this, numbers are just estimation. The Messenger reminded a fellow sahaba' when that guy asked him how can he get married when he didnt have money to provide his wife. Muhamamad (pbuh) said "get married get married get married" ( sorry cant seem to find the hadith at the moment )

so what are we waiting for? 2012 ah? lolz

see me now, hear me out

this guy awesome giler kan?

hop was okay. nini enjoyed it a lot. she was laughing like crazy while kept twirling her hair non-stop as always. saje je spam byk2 mcm konon2 rajin blog. 2 or 3 days mesti jadi malas blk. confirm

when you're through thinking, say yes

oh i was trying a new app the other day, drawing Hayley but then the poll results came out. I decided to not finish her and not draw a nose so that she cant breathhhhee and dieeeee hayleyyyy dieeeeeee


its friday and why cant my life be as FUN FUN FUN FUN as Rebecca Black's? :(

this year is an awesomee yearrr so far and its just gonna get awesome-errrr will all theseee album releases. seriously. go radio's new one best. yellowcard's best ( so nostalgia when denga yc ), good charlotte punyer mcm meh... and yes i only know the word best when it comes to good stuffs my vocab is limited like that. stfu

on new records that are coming out, immm psyched forr simple plan ( tihihi guilty pleasure tihih zz ), taking back sunday!, panic :), ffaf! ( their last 3 records wasnt all that but im still looking forward to their upcoming release ) and rja rja rjaaaa! and no i dont listen to 'cool' bands like the strokes, or get up kids or death cab or foo fighters or sum 41 or blink 182 or lonely island or incubus and it goes on and on and on I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying AYO! Gotta let go! that song is catchy as in the words of shamin gaga's little monster, mak aih.

how the hell did Linkin Park lost to Paramore? >;( i mean come on i listen to paramore i like paramore. but in terms of... well everything, Linkin Park just rapes Paramore. LP new piece talks about the end of the world ( i think ). Hahn's videos are just awesome. they arent just bands going crazy with super slo-mo effects ( Burning in the Skies ), they have a deeper story to tell ( i think lolz ). while Paramore is just, Paramore. i know my argument is so weak but meh wtv. Paramore is currently up against Tokio Hotel and im with Paramore in this one. i. dont. like. ToHo. hoho.

cuti kerja kerja mengecat dinding fyp lalalala mari mari mengecat ramai2. this is just too comel. must share.