Saturday, January 22, 2011

ciriciri non-biribiri

i dont think you can embed facebook videos here so a couple videos on isteri in Islam :

this and this

Allah Maha Mengetahui.
InshaAllah kita semua ditakdirkan dgn pasangan yg solehah/soleh ( comel is a plus ehehe )
i guess for some people a must jugak kn. tp kalau comel mcm Selena Gomez yg comel giler nk mampos tu pn takde pegangan agame susah nnt bile da jadi family. kot
takpe, everything comes naturally it comes naturally oh yeaa

tudung mcm Padme pn ade skrg haha

and please, Islam bukan oppress women wajib ikut ckp suami, tak boleh ni tak boleh tu.
depends lah kita kisah pasal dosa and pahala. percaya tak syurga neraka.
takde paksaan kalau nak buat atau tak. kite pn tak payah lebih2 nk dakwah orang
orang tu terime atau tak. terbuka or not hati dier, its up to Allah. kite lepak je chill main game

ok byeee slamat maghrib

the greatest fall of all time

how did it come to this, when it started with a kiss
i held you close, so tightly in my arms
how did it come to this, am i ever going to be missed
was i the fool? i hope you find your true

love, did i ask too much for you to give
up, all the things that you cannot live
without, were my words so soft that you didn't hear me
shout, how much i loved you

Islam is not to be forced, nor shall love
both should be blessed with understanding, and acceptance
from the mind, from the mouth, and from the heart
that shall not be barricaded from the truth
or masked with excuses from the tip of thy tongue

a reminder from my cousin, maulidur rasul will be on 15th feb this year which means masa maghrib valentines' day tu lah lets look forward to hari kelahiran our beloved prophet. vincent valentine can go die. dier x hensem pn anyway