Sunday, December 28, 2008

Top of the World

i wanna thank a very special friend for taking me to the top of the world, got me looking at KL from a different point of view ( which wasnt visible at all actually ) and made me realize that i dont ever wanna be on top of the world. ever again. getting my feet ( or clothes ) wet was fun tho :) thank u so much

to be loved, what more could you ask for?

my sister just started blogging ( or maybe i just found out ). the one with my old pic tu mcm cibai =_=" link's on the right. and i think Yo's post about Twilight tu sweet giler

album ive been listening to : AAR - When the World Comes Down, TAI - Fast Times at Barrington High and Envy on the Coast - Lucy Gray. got FOB's new album but erghhh, so hard to layan. sound so baru but i still havent like really listen to it. tho Patrick's voice makin power shiiiaalll. AAR best sbb lagu comel2 (Another Heart Calls new fav song ;p). TAI da jd cam typical la plak ( i hate the word mainstream/sellout btw. care yg sgt mudah/busuk to label orang ) tp ade la lagu2 yg bole layan. Envy on the Coast stim. korang kene dgr lagu Mirrors. ouh ouh RJA's new album is coming out in February!!! woot woot! video You Better Pray ok la. RJA main AE ke haha. and Elias is out of the band :(

ktorang sme da x main Dota sbb da jmpe AO ha ha ha. lagipn bak kate Lan, Dota = Dunia Orang Takde Awek and ehem, ade org tu ade awek kan zzZzzz. Kuala Lumpur is OURSS!!! HA HA HA

i started doing my Digital Typography in Motion ( tho i think its actually called Kinetic Typography but wth, nnt Mr Bad marah aku ) a week ago. at first mase baru start tu i tried for a couple hours but x dpt wat pape! screen blank je. so noob so i went to Ijat's. blaja dari master master FCM. tak lain tak bukan, Ijat ngan Sirap. uuu diorang mmg power giler la wa ckp lu especially Sirap. wei Sirap kau benti la MMU kau da power sgt wat ktorang sme nampak noob je =_= haha. btw Sirap ngan Ijat korang nyer work aku wat jadi part of 'Research' aku. xpe kn?

best jugak la main AE ni ( kalau ikot budak FA poyo [Syed sorang ar], dier pggl AFX ). power giler bende ni. satu software je bole wat byk bende. jakun giler la mase aku mule2 reti pakai bende ni. skarang still jakun lg tp kurang ah. mase 3 hari pertame tu rajin giler aku main bende ni. agak nonstop sentuh. pastu zzzZZzz paham2 je la. but aku dpt jugak la siapkan keje aku. ni ar hasil dier. RJA ftw!! :) will post the CD Cover when its done. and i might do some minor changes later. had to cut the song to meet submission requirement so mind the pelik outro haha

too bad you cant see the bubbles in this quality :(

Xmas Xmas! sumpah la in my whole life tak penah sial celebrate Xmas or kesah lgsg pn. cume tgk movie je la diorang main snow mcm best jeles jeles. tp arituuu awwww so comel tau Nini. korang tau Skittles kan k obviously la korang tau Skittles. aritu mase Xmas dier ajak aku kuar crk kotak ni...k k bukan kotak la tp cam aaa case/bekas apape la korang nk pggl. aku pn teman la. bl aku tanyer bekas ni utk ape dier jwb "suke ati la sebok plak" T~T geli sedeyh la bile dier bls camtu. pastu cam otw blk tu nini ddk blakang dier mcm bz kat blakang dgn bunyi ting tong ting tong bekas tin tu. lame la jugak dier bekerja. pastu cam bile da smpi destinasi, she gave the bekas to me and said "Merry Chirstmas :)" and i was like huh what wtf? to my suprise the bekas was actually for me, and dlm bekas tu ade 193 red skittles wehhh! ade la cite dier promise aku red skittles. and ade this cute lil message with cheep2 on it saying "193 Red Skittles 193 Days of Friendship :) Merry Xmas Dear Bubu". it was like the sweetest thing everrrrr wehhh ( not taking into account yg Skittles mmg sweet ) seriously. Nini kamu hensem.

you guys shud really look up for Gregg's Blink 182 Online Songs Kinetic Typo. uber pro. and also check this guy out.

it was also her bday on the 25th.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blood For ****what? :)

im going back to malacca with my family tonight. its raya haji everyone! ill blog bout things that happened recently after i got back from kampong cus ill probably have more to tell then :)

for now, im gonna membebel bout my clan, BFB

stands for Blood For Woobies ( ehem ). initially, we had a different name ( dotarian, tq arep ). but that name only last for a while and then we decided to change it to bfb cus bfb just sounds awesome-er and really suits the team ( especially Andy lol ). i came up with the name one day when i was doing nothing, inspired by Andy's personality and err...likings haha.

Humble Beginnings ;p
the original roster was me, yoi, andy, arep and din. i think...if im not mistaken it was 2 years ago kot. we started playing with AIs and that time rase macam susah giler! padahal AI noob nak mampos =_= senang cite everyday after class pn confirm main la. haha giler xde life. i think i appointed myself leader of the team agagaa xtau la diorang agree ke tak but so far they seem fine with it. even tho sometimes diorang get annoyed by my mulot bising, marah2 and arahan2 hahahaha. sorry guys but bear with it. leader meh. tapi kalau korang nak fatah jadi leader bole jugak wakakakak strategy golden. then din got inactive due to changes in his life like he got a gf, college's over and he got a job, got a future to think and take care of. easier said, he grew up lah. no hard feelings or issues between us. its a fact that one day all of us kene grow up and leave all this behind. its just that for us that day blm datang lagi la hahaha. so we had to find a new player to take din's place and that time fatah has been playing with us on Garena for quite sometime cus ktorang sme lepak kat Pandan same2. main reason sbb WoW tapi WoW noob. so fattah joined the team and is part of bfb smpi today :)

* i just wish din all the best and good luck dlm life *

No pressure, No pressure
dont get me wrong. even tho we have a clan tag, we only play dota FOR FUN. we dont play serious matches, InHouse or compete in tourneys. we play scrims against clans; that are our friends and people we know. its just that when we started playing dota at LAN houses ( ahh WangsaMaju was the place ), we had no teams no clans so everytime, we would shuffle the players and just play on. it was fun and all but the problem is, since we basically play in a team with random people, no teamwork, strategy and chemistery were involved. everyone would just rice and farm and proceed to own. when a person tries to lead and command, others would see it mcm dier tu kerek and bajet power cus we had no captain/teamleader. thats why we decided to form bfb and at the same time, sptn was born too. after that we started having scrims with sptn weekly and became arch enemies XD

Duniawi and Akhirat
we play dota during our free times ( and thats like most of the time haha ) and honestly, dota has ruined our lifes on several occasions. for example, i got into plenty of fights with my ex cus of dota, wat keje last menet xyh ckp la, x pegi class and the list goes on. tapi xle watpe ah. ktorang suke and ktorang happy :) ok maybe some of u cam rase men dota ni x cool lgsg lagi best go do drugs ke pegi mabok ke club ke romen or whatever la. well at least dota ni xde la menjahanamkan a person masok nerake bai. preach siket hahaha

Dreams Should Never Be Placed So High, Sohai
i know lots of 'C O O L' people out there are gonna say things like "nerds" or "get a life". all i can say is, fuck you haha. we play dota for fun and passion. same reason why musicians play music ( we do play music too. just not as much as dota hehe ) actually, my dream awal2 dulu la was to become a rockstar ngehehehehe just because i think its fun to be able to play music, write songs, and spread the message thru ppl with your OWN songs. its meaningful and its awesome. but seeing as i have near to zero talent in music, ( not taking into account that we live in Malaysia and not say US. the music industry is way different there ) i decided its a dream that wont ever come true and i just play music to pass the time :) needlessly to say i have met nice people and made lots of great friends simply thru playing dota ( DSN i love u lOLOLOL )

aku pn tatau kenape tibe2 tegerak nk tulis pasal bfb maybe sbb da lame x men same2 and smalam main so cam happy la haha ( giler lame da x jamming wei sedeyyy wuu wuu ). anyways, here's the current roster for bfb :

( ni sme pendapat/pandangan aku je. xtau la betol ke x. nnt aku tanyer diorang )

Faiz ( gamba giler emo kakaka )
Garena : modeljamban (duh)
Team Captain
Fav Role : Ganker / Support Gaw Gaw Dim Sum
Least Fav : Farmer / Ca
Dulu name aku amoureuxx ( bahase french kot. for lover haha ) tp pastu asek tuka2 name last2 skarang aku main hentam je name bile main
Mmm aku harap
aku jadi leader selame ni dapat dan telah membawa bfb ke jalan yang victorious hahah. Aku happy dan proud jadi part of team ni :)

Garena : D3wi
Name lame Andy aku lupe la. Bagi aku nd sanyer main support power giler. cume sme orang pn ade perasaan nk kill n jadi orang depan dpt name. mmg ade punyer even siket pn. so bile main support ni kite rase cam boring and x dpt nk lanci bile da menang. tapi sanyer support la role paling penting dlm dota. xde support xle jalan bai. kire support Andy wajib la dlm team ni :)


Garena : UeharaMariko ( zzz noob obssess kat actress jepun )
Asesino ( Assassin ) dier ni all-rounder sket. dier bole
main byk role. carry, support, tank, ganker sme dier bole main. tp ade yg dier noob siket. mcm dier main Zeus or Lina. terbukti la bile Lina dier farm hutan n kuar Blademail ade satu game dulu. tp dlm team kalau nk suro main hero, for example Centaur, mmg aku kasi dier.


Garena : im_the_noob ( MEMANG wakakaak )
Anerond ( korang x perlu tau ape maksud Anerond ni )
Arep aku rase best role dier main sanyer ialah semi-carry/ganker. Support dier out siket. Kalau dier main hero cam Gondar, Mirana, SF gg bai. Bank hitam tu incident kene counter. sme orang pn kalau kene counter xle nk watpe. nk suro dier beli ward...harapan hahaha

Fattah (die-hard fan siti )

Garena : fattah ( =_= )
MeePRO agagagaga. fattah ni cibai. xtau la nk kasi dier hero ape. dier kadang2 main kamjat giler. kadang2 power smpi ktorang pn tekejot. tatau bile dier serious or bile dier main2. kalau dier ckp hero tu dier bole pakai, x bole caye. kalau dier ckp dier x bole pakai pn x bole caye jugak. senang cite fattah ni hero misteri yang aku pn xtau nak watpe la ngan dier haaha tp dier main gg beb :)

maka, itu la bfb skarang. Raijin ( ahha rajin ) plak aku tulis pasal crap ni. wat blog 3R tu aku malas giler hheehe. bfb pro gl hf practice byk2 makan food byk2. last but not least, to cacing kerawet


bfb strikes back

: untuk sesape yg x minat Dota, skip jer smpi part last :

once again, bfb and spartan went into the battlefield, begado smpi mampos, as might, teamwork and skill are shown and executed, just so that at the end of the day, ktorang bole lanc dgn masing2 hahaha. da lame ktorang x men bfb lawan sptn. last time bfb kene tapau 3 game smpi muntah2. tak boleh lupe kenangan2 manis mcm tu. is ajak lawan arini. silap timing la dier sbb key player diorang ( Cr3w5 ) pegi becuti2 kat cine plak. ambek ilmu lebey dr player sane kot. serious if Lan played, its possible that the outcomes wouldve been different. he's like the punce in Sptn. Syakir didnt play too. but kalau dier main pn same je wakkaka just kidding no touchy2. Lion kau 5 on 1 power Syakir.

bfb : nd, yoi, aku, fatah, arep

we didnt plan anything like lineups or roles or whatever. on the spot ktorang buat decision. but i had some hero training yesterday. mcm Od hihihi. first 3 games were -cm. sme game pn ban ktorang same. ES, Spec, Bone, -insertheropunce- why? sbb Billy kalau main 2 hero tu gaw2 dier makan. and Is has been training ES since dier start cuti. aku jd captain dan opponent yg kejam ban lembu tu xnk kasi dier pakai kakkakak. so we won 3 games. game 1 TB couldnt farm sbb ktorang ade ward merate2. game 2 teamwork stylo. game 3 gondar arep gg.

sptn : syed, syakir, cair, sadiq, punce

pastu ktorang g mkn. time makan tu ade org tu bakar line plak nk main lagi. but there was a twist. our lineup ditentukan oleh enemy. so bfb pick hero for sptn and vice versa. nervous x igt nk main game ni sbb takot diorang kasi hero feeder habes. tapi sptn membuat kesilapan di mane diorang kasi fatah meepo, aku bear, nd pudge, arep silencer n yoi windrunner. ktorang pn tekejot fatah main meepo. power plak! aku main bear tibai je. noob x igt. bazir aegis je keje aku. pastu game last ktorang main -ar. AKU DAPAT MEEPO HAHAHAAH pastu hero diorang sme x counter meepo. diorang x kasi repick or swap so cont je la. bfb 4 int 1 agi kot. giler sedeyh. tapi xpe. ktorang makan adik cacing kerawet nyum nyum. cacing kerawet takot nk kuar so dier anta adek dier je haha

loading screen 6.99 : nerd giler kn ktorang. pegi mampos la

all in all, bfb improved la dr last time ktorang main tu kamjat habes, lan punce sptn and aku harap main tadi dpt entertain mat amin. ayah dier meninggal 2 minggu lepas. takziah and al-fatihah.

oh and tadi first time in my whole life aku jadi mama orang.
x boleh blah

al-fatihah jugak to 4 orang yg died in the tanah runtuh incident kol 4 pagi smlm. doa byk2 untuk mangse2 kejadian
member2 aku igt la bahawe DOTA ni duniawi jer. igt akhirat bai

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Buri Burger King ( wtf?! )

went on a blaja-smbl-bejalan trip last Wednesday. the place is near serdang. dont remember what the place was called but it was pretty lame. nothing special. not till we get to the fish pond located on the lower grounds. ive seen lots of fish my whole life so it didnt excite me much to see a bunch of fish swimming around the 'bekas lombong'. they seem like normal fishes but their diet is fucking weird. they eat 'jajans' like twisties, mr potato and that keropok with the bus mascot ( y a bus anyway? so random ) rota or something. as a result of my fren's 'genius' experiment, it is clear to us that those fishes dont eat tissues. not even torn ones. then again, sape makan tisu? most bizzare thing ever is when this guy threw a 'puntung rokok' ( cigarette bud eh dlm english? ) into the pond and every single ikan kat ctu like keja2 n gigit2 bende tu THEY JUST WENT CRAZY!!! over a 'puntung rokok'. i guess its clear that rokok is very addictive and drives anyone and i mean ANYONE ( including ikan ) nuts.

conclusion, rokok sangat noob. sekian.

here's a pic of my fren yg sangat bijak kasi ikan makan tisu.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

DSN 2 - 1 SK

hari ni ktorang ( aku, lan, billy, nd ngan arep ) lawan ngan DSN; yang dulu SSB tu. senang cite ktorang kene stomp ah. scoreboard difference smpi 20 lebey. ktorang kene terok ar. mmg diorang owning habes. DSN pro. blm Xpanse masok lg. Xpanse masok 50 - 0 kot. haha. papepn i had fun la. best giler babi main drafting! serious hahah jakun giler sial aku. nmpk sgt noob. pasni WAJIB main -cm je kekeekke. xpe practice makes perfect. pasni kite perang lagi ok kawan2.

Game 1 :
Hero sexy : Magina DSN-Z. gg habes
Highlight : Aku suke insiden kat btm. ask KA

Winner : DSN ( Sentinel )

Game 2 :
Hero sexy : Puck. buto pak ang
Highlight : Red babi. aku baru nk LC haha
Winner : SK ( Sentinel )

Game 3 :
Hero sexy : Rylai. Period
Highlight : Lich ulti creep tak mati bagaikan Shah finger creep

Winner : Duhh ( take a guess )

aku nk ckp pasal Bolt ( bkan Blot ok nini, blog u salah hahah ) tp Bear da bagi review baik punyer kat blog dier so korang bace la dier nyer. simply put, cite tu mmg best n klaka. akhirnye Disney berjaye wat cite CG best without Pixar. Meet The Robinson ngan The Wild sme tu mcm haram. aku gedik giler ajak nini tgk yg 3D hahaha. tp ok la. dapat tgk Rhino tu mcm 3D bole bayangkan sepak2 dier. sbb Rhino tu reminds me of someone. hmmm.... F U L L Y AWESOME! oh and korang dont ever tgk cite Richard Speck Chicago Massacre tu. noob nk mampos.

aku kene siapkan keje. sblm tu aku nk tdo dulu. korang layan la pic2 mase wedding aritu ni k :)

anak-anak yunus yang hensem

aku igt nk post pic mak ngan kakak. tp kesian mak aku dier ngs. happy sgt :)

sebenarnyer pic2 ni lebey kepade aku ngan siblings aku begamba je. xde kene mengene ngan wedding sgt. observe

gamba band kakaka

"hug me" awwww~

cahaye ke-ohsem-an

pas amek pic ni, aku kene terajang

"one happy family at home"

fadhli, the photographer. angle myspace dier bg

Selamat Pengantin Baru kpd Zul & Hanis <3

da. aku da malas. gamba family sudah. bye. Circa Survive da hbs d/l.
oh yeah~

...So in love with 'So in love'.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Aku pegi makan McD.
Aku beli Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, Fillet-o-Fish ngan Coke. Fries sket.
Aku makan.
Ade awek tu amek sauce.
Pastu dier tejatuhkan tempat tekan or wtvucallit sauce tu.
Dier ngan kawan2 dier cume gelak je. Tak angkat balek pn.
Aku cakap ngan kawan sebelah aku.

"Bajet market. Kalau tunduk amek bende tu market jatoh la konon.
Gile gedik xde orang pandang kau pn."

Hari ni da masok hari ke-4, aku sakit perot kaw2.



Sunday, November 23, 2008

shiva + hex + laser + rocket + rearm + repeat

aku nk blog pasal wedding kakak aku smlm tp gamba ade dlm camera abang aku abang aku pula ade dekat luar maka aku tak boleh nak letak gamba dlm post ni dan blog aku selalu tarok gamba je sbb aku tak reti wat ayat ayat sastera ni jadi aku membuat keputusan untuk tak cite ape sangat till abang aku kasi gamba nanti. apapepn aku nk ucapkan RIBUAN terime kasih lah kepada rakan rakan di Seri Kembangan kerana seperti biasa, korang memang sentiase paling AWAL sampai ke event ape jua sekali pun. terime kasih sekali lagi. nnt aku update pasal wedding ni...kalau rajin. man i wish i dapat pegi blendatron haih haih haih

sem baru da stat. sme bende same je. maybe lagi susah la sebab short sem n menurut cik bad assemen akan stack stack. beberape orang rambut baru. ijat aritu aku sumpah tak kenal terus mule2 mase bilik dm tu gelap. nini pn potong rambut. syed da jadi taiko cine garena cb lc sohai mahai xiao de malay so noob.

dm ngan authoring da dpt assemen. kene tangkap2 gamba. aku malas betol la nk tangkap gamba2 ni. dari ramai2 org yg tunjuk gamba aritu aku rase Dy punyer la paling imba. care she see things n how dier capture shots from angles and views yang aku memang jangan harap la bole pk. truly GG.

tapi aku cam excited sket untuk keje final project di mane kami perlu bermain ngan typography along with after effects. aku tgk im ngan helmi punyer. hebat sungguh mereka. aku da pilih 2 lagu untuk project tu. dua dua lagu anthony green. cant decide which one to go for between Babygirl and Slowing Down. aku tgh giler anthony green skarang. lupa nk update kat status tu. ni link ke lagu lagu beliau.smalam aku bosan so aku saje main main guitarpro. aku tak reti main software2 audio engineering yang pro pro pakai tu so aku pakai guitarpro je la. sbb tu bunyik dier pelik sket pastu ade metronome awal2 tu. aku try wat acoustic aku cinta, aku rindu hehe. ni skali go nyer tulis2. kalau rajin aku improvise la sket nnt.

(play at your own risk)

patotnyer ade sambung lagi pas part ni. ade guitar solo. memandangkan aku mmg super noob dalam memetik guitar, nanti aku carik la sape2 untuk cuba tulis part solo tu. and probably get someone else to do better vocals too.

" Things start slowing down, for you and I 
It's been a long time coming
If you keep holding on to what we've lost
You're gonna drag down the road, forever

I never wanted it to feel like this, to be this way
I'm just afraid that if I stay we'll never change
I never wanted it to be like this, to feel this way
I'm just afraid that if I stay you'll hate me... "

...Kunkka Imba

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

miss sobriety, i never thought i'd get so low

1. Take a screenshot of your desktop without moving/closing any of the windows.
2. Tag 5 people!

no kidding. i dont like having my desktop 'koto'. tp my ROOM besepah nk mampos haha

I tag :
  • syira artist
  • billy lycanthrope
  • nini bobo
  • syakir rmbt cine
  • chaied chibimaruko

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ten came in October, one to end it all

Face Down
I started with a bike that has those little tiny wheels at the back. During the whole process of learning, I experienced a lot of things. The laws of inertia, pedaling, steering, braking and sitting on a saddle. I slowly got better and better as time passed. Without even realizing, I threw away my support wheels and lost them. Forever. You see, I was once afraid of braking and stopping. Terrified that I would crash and fall. Oh how I regret throwing away my precious tiny wheels, now that I need them more than ever. I fell, face down in the dirt. Somehow, I survived with a few scars and bruises. But still, I was just happy that I managed to get off that damn bike. Few months passed since that tragic event, still I'm afraid to start pedaling again. I don't want to crash and fall...again.

Aku da wat ape kau suro...aku tuka baru, ubah langsung. How can you look at me and ckp "Takde beze langsong pon". Babiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Misery Loves Its Company
Love. The biggest question that I have about love right we look for one that love you so much, so much that she's all over you, she's crazy about you... and you know she won't ever let you go? Or do we seek for a person that understands, a person who is able to make you happy, now and forever? An answer is what I'm longing, for it will help heal this heartsick soul of mine.

But as they say,

" don't find love ; let love find you
thats why its called falling in love
you dont force yourself to fall
y o u . j u s t . d o "

Friday, October 24, 2008

this is love and this is lust, which one do you trust?

THE SELFJustify Full
[01] Name: muhammad faiz bin md yunus
[02] Nickname: pendol.
[03] Married: no
[04] Zodiac Sign: gemini. yg kembar2 tu.
[05] Gender: male
[06] Age: 20. tak tue ok
[07] High School: saas
[08] University: MMU cj
[09] Height: ntah
[10] Weight: 51 kot. ringan bagaikan 80 stack tisu
[11] Do you like yourself: i do i do!
[12] Piercings: lubang punggung. ahahah tak.
[13] Right or left: 8 punggung belah kiri, 7 belah kanan. gangster
[14] Are you a freak: nononononono.
[15] Hair: burok T_T
[16] Skin: aaaa mcm asians la kot
[17] Allergic: yes. buah salak kot yg kat masam masam manis. sesetengah seafood and some other things because my skin super sensitive aww~ enzycma enzycmaaaaa
[18] What are you doing now: blaja dalam gundah, rindu dalam pasrah
[19] What will you do 1 hour later: solat maghrib n ngaji
[20] What will you do 10 years later: still playing dota? agagaga kissing my comel wife before going to work ;p

[21] Live with mother/father/parents: parents
[22] Siblings(included you): 12
[23] Eldest: brother
[24] Youngest: brother
[25] Love/hate your family: sayang. tapi kadang2 tension jugak la. mcm skarang gggRRR!

[26] You found your another half: yes and no
[27] If yes, who is he/she:misa campo, but shes been ignoring me lately. bz katenyer
[28] If no, who you want he/she to be: cassadee.
[29] Time(s) you in relationship: two
[30] Ever woo boy/girl(0-100000): yes. xde la kire plak kan. bangang
[31] Anyone woo you before(0-100000): sape la nk woo seorang modeljamban. x ble pike ka?
[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: yes.
[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: i asked her to be mine.
[34] Ever argue with your other half: countless times.
[35] You with your other half since: 12th august 2006
[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: jalan yang lurus
[37] Reasons you love your other half: because i do.
[38] You and your other half in which stage: the part when everything is over and shattered.
[39] You woo-ed her/him or he/she woo you: well, she texted me first but i tink i made the move ;p
[40] Ever think of marry he/she: yes. sadly, bukan kehendak tuhan.

[41] Your first best friend: ahmad amzar
[42] Your first enemy: spartan
[43] The friend you love the most: mereka yang sentiasa ada. mereka yang sentiasa membantu. mereka yang sentiasa gila.
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only): mh mh mh ( bkan kau spencer )
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: misa campo hands down.
[46] Your most handsome guy friend: aaaa qays? *drools* ahahah
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: mcm yang sheila ckp dlm blog dier tu.
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: mcm yang sheila ckp dlm blog dier tu.
[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: x penah.
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover : no.
[51] If your friend backstab you: stun pastu ulti dier kasi mampos trs. ahahah ikot kes ape. kalau mcm kes arep, ktorang baik je blk :) arep buncet
[52] If your friend betray you: bajet kau pusing soalan, jadi lain la? same je ngan [51]. bodoh
[53] If your friend woo your lover: hahahah same la ngan kes arep. tp time tu da jadi my ex la hihi
[54] If your friend fall in love with you: awww awwwww bahaye. jgn la jatuh cinte terhadap aku. xde ape pn dapat
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: giler x expect! bak kate syed

[56] Are you a good student: no
[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: last menet, yes.
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: puan mimi?
[59] Always late to school/college: ngegneekekeke salah alarm clock
[60] Your class: nape ngan class aku? aku x beckp sgt dlm class skarang ni :S
[61] You love your seniors: x knal sape2 pn senior kecuali syakir, mhz dan rakan2 mereke
[62] Senior who you love the most: ntah.
[63] Your classmates good/bad: good :) mereke banyak membantu especially fara, sal n ijat
[64] Excellent result classmate: x paham sgt hala tuju soalan ni.
[65] Laziest classmate: faiz.

[66] Smart people: pros. ninjas. jukers. ppl yg teamwork tggi
[67] Stupid people: noobs. maphackers. wallhackers. ksers
[68] Good looking people: gondar.
[69] Ugly people: yang hati mereke hitam dan buruk mcm sial :)
[70] Funny people: mychonny.
[71] Cute people: awek hot dan sexy ireland.
[72] Bad people: mereke yang x bagi org jalan and x reti bagi signal. BAD BAD DRIVER!
[73] Honest people: aku suatu ketika dulu mase masih innocent. i miss that old me
[74] Acting people: orang yang mcm sheila ckp dlm blog dier
[75] You are what kind of people: x kesah ks ke ape asal kan u do ur role, kite push, and menang haha

[76] Lip or eyes: eyes
[77] Hugs or kisses: kisses.
[78] Shorter or taller: shorter.
[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: pondan. eh! spontan
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: what? andrew. nice stomach
[81] Listener or talker: listener.
[82] Romantic or rich: romantic. lai lai melt my heart lai
[83] Good wife or Good mother: mother. our child will need your guide and love more than i do.

[84] Age to get marry: lalalaallalal awek pn xde
[85] Numbers of kid(s): six six six!
[86] Career: ntah
[87] Salary: 8 juta. nk beli divine rapier ntuk setiap ahli keluarge. jgn mati sudah
[88] Retirement age: same ngan bile icefrog retire.
[89] Properties value: ade la same ngan hugh hefner
[90] Wishes: good luck to sme my frens yang nk exam and slmt cuti to yg sdg cuti. eh eh maksod kau ape aku nak eh? aku dotakan eh doakan family dan rakan2 ku sentiase sehat, berjaye dan happy selalu :) including me

[91] syira
[92] nini
[93] billy
[94] syakir

dear sayang,

i lost them. pictures, videos, words, voice messages. i lost them.
i had it all in this 'secret' hidden folder i made. but then dad
got me this new laptop so i had to copy and reorganize my folders.
including ours. i placed it in C cus i tot 'hey this is a new laptop
no way its gonna get corrupted or anything'. allah proved me wrong.
just after a couple months of using it, my laptop somehow went giler.
i tried to fix it but the only solution was to reinstall
my OS. at that time i didnt remember anything bout our folder.
so i did. i was happy that i got the laptop working again, unaware
bout our files. unaware how i would feel losing them.

after i made that baby post just now, out of nowhere you came to mind.
like u always do. no matter how hard i try to forget, no matter how hard
i try to pretend, i cant. those closest to me know how many times
i talk about you. i thought telling people about us and how much
i hate how you hate my friends, how much you hate my what i do,
how much you hate my music, how much you hate what i like would somehow make me feel better. somehow make me hate you. its clear now ive only been fooling myself. i cry. i cry thinking bout you. i cry missing you.
once i told myself, guys who fights over a girl are stupid. guys who
cry because of love are dumb. how naive. ive experienced both. and
i keep repeating the later. god i miss you so much. i go around saying
'love is kicap. cinta itu tak wujud'...why cant i stop missing you...
i pray to allah to make me stop having thoughts about you.
i wanna look at our pics.
i wanna watch those silly videos we made. i lost them. i googled for
ways to retrieve those files. i tried r-studio.
i tried folder lock. i cant get them back. i lost them. maybe its a sign
from allah. to show that i should stop being so damn pathetic and move
on. dad once said im weak. im stupid for being this way. im sorry dad.
i cant. ive tried but i cant. i have no idea how im gonna react when
i see you on my sis' wedding.. what was i thinking.

god im so pathetic. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. i havent watched sepi yet
but i read those lines from acip's blog. the part bout how you could plan
things, how you could cry and bla bla bla. but in the end, its all in
allah's hand. and i believe that. all these tears are for nothing.
i remember how much you hate it when i start to bagi ceramah, saying
things bout islam and how we should do things so allah would restu
us and our relationship. everytime i tego you, you would say "its between me and allah". sampai sekarang, i still havent figure out whats that supposed to mean. i guess no use wondering now.
if we're not meant to be. forgive me.

yana, i miss you.

the tale of pudge and spectre

fuck patapon fuck patapon. gargghhh this game is too suusaaahhhh. after countless retries i decided to just give up. so i had nothing to do since ive been playing patapon since start cuti and nothing else. somehow i TERplay [REC] but kerane iman yang kuat, saye dapat menahan nafsu and pressed the stop button pas few mins. Syira went out g angkut kawan OVERSEA dier. i played around with my webcam but the result, sgt bosan. tibe2 i terigt kat this website my fren told me about few months back. here's how the site works :
  1. Create an account. Upload your pic
  2. Upload a fren's pic or Pick a 'HOT' Celeb
  3. Pick your child's gender, name, enthicity and picture frame
  4. Press 'Proceed'
  5. Ta daa~! Instant baby for you!
and here's my baby

like WTF right? muke my baby mcm tahiiiiiii! and she (he?) doesnt even look like a girl!!! does look like a princess to you guys? i mean come on...i know im not good looking but its Chris Brown for godsake! he's like the hottest black guy around! ( not. i dont even know why i picked Chris Brown haha ) shit i know im not supposed to believe in stuffs like this, but im sorry Chris...its over...we're thru...i love you and all...but i dont want to have my baby looking like a piece of shit...and you being a star, there's gonna be cameras wherever we go...i dont mind kantoi being wit you...but i just cant...i dont wanna be seen walking around with this...*nangeswalkaway* FUCK im sorry...goodbye

with much love,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Experience Fear.

im sooooo psyched after watching the trailer. with all the reviews, and teasers, seems like this is gonna be the horror movie ive been looking for after soooo long. lately, horror movies sme cam bosan giler babi je ( 4bia anyone? ) yes i know quarantine is a remake of [REC] and i googled and heard, [REC] is a lot better than quarantine.. so right now, i have the DVD-Rip of [REC], but im not gonna watch it yet. cus ive checked at, Quarantine will be out next month (yay!) and if i already watched [REC], which is supposed to be better, im gonna be like comparing the movies while im watching and like kutok2 the movie instead of enjoying it in the panggung. so im gonna save the best for last, and watch quarantine first :)) ( plus, [REC] is in Spanish and mine doesnt have subs zzzZZ unless i got some guy like Wan tgk skali sbb dier da amek class Spanish kn tp kalau tgh tgk dier dok translate kat sebelah mcm wat annoying je plak haha ) the movie was filmed in real-time. u know like Cloverfield. i tink Cloverfield was awesome. the real-time thingie really made me like feel ape tgh jadi sme n kept me at the edge of my seat ( tho at times, u get really pening cus of all the lari2 n the screen shaking2 sme ). but if u guys arent into those kind of shooting/filming/wtvucallit, i guess u wont like this :S

Watch the trailer here!

update : got subs now :))
( having a hard time resisting the temptation to watch [REC])

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Sick Robot!

last year, there was this time where i was searching thru youtube for avril videos. yes im into avril. i think her old songs are great especially "under my skin" cus imo, the whole album she really challenged her vocals and the lyrics have REAL meanings ( unlike hot gf wtv ) . s o anyway, i found this cover she did of the Gazette. i think it was Hyena. at that time i had NO idea who the Gazette was. never heard of them. ever. i googled, youtubed ( wtf youtubed lol ) so i found a little bout them, heard a couple songs but never really got into them. last night i was bored to death and secare tibe2 i was like "i wanna listen to the Gazette". so i got online, again youtubed ( ROFLMAOZORO ) and am currently d/ling their albums hehe. btw yesterday (21st) was international anti-piracy day. yerp yerp. thats why i started d/ling after 12 HA HA ... polis dont saman me pls... *lame lawak~*

sme style mcm character Final Fantasy jeee
( Reita favourite )

back to the Gazette ( the 'T' in the Gazette is in lower case. dont know why ), i only know 2 of their songs ( Hyena and FITB ) and am really giler bout Filth in the Beauty. trying to hafal the lyrics and sing along but its so hard nak pronounce words2 jepon ni ( oiki fusagu myakuutsu 'ue' ha nurmero uno wtf?! ). even the english parts are hard to sing sbb dier punyer english cam...errr pelik siket ( fun fact : reita's best subject in school was english and his english sgt noob. so i have no idea subject2 lain dier camne haha ) if i ever got to hafal the whole song, im gonna ajak paramontel main this song :D

here's the Gazette for u guys

look for the video on youtube. the video is amazing

Saturday, October 18, 2008

12 pages of F U N


r e a l q u i c k
  • ntuk billy yang tersayang : i love buriburi studio. aku xtau la ape nk ckp time meeting tu sbb im not so good with words >.<>
  • ntuk poser2 kat skola dulu : a static lullaby my ass. korang bukan tau pape pn and korang x cool
  • ntuk epul, fick, nini, eien : thanks byk2 korang 'selamatkn' aku. aku mmg sengal g wat keje last minute giler tp at least dpt submit ngan bantuan stun, buff ngan ulti korang. tq so much
  • ntuk che mat : here's the pic i submitted to che mat. somehow when i got it printed it turned out like shit. nyway the pic made it to be one of grandtheftauto : shahalam movie poster :))

  • ntuk korang sme : buri2 wat openstudio. sile check buri buri studio for more information. breakfast fest nyer post da ade. sile la usha kalau nak. korang dpt tgk qays beraksi dlm 4 band yg berbeza. hebat kn?
  • ntuk icefrog : thank u byk2 sbb map baru mmg imba. one word for u. pro. nnt aku blanje kau burger ganje ok? ( tapi lepas aku pawn kau kat autosurf blakang tu la hohoho )
  • ntuk hmz n syira : ni da update ni.
  • ntuk bfb : sile belatih lebih sket HA HA HA ( aku phm korang keje skarang. saje je main2. no touching2 pelis )
  • ntuk kawan2 yg x lupe membe : the best. dlm papepn korang wat.
  • ntuk aku : she got me this real nice mango cake with words written on it. its something like dlm pic ni cume words tu salah sket. its the only picture i could find off the net ;p
p/s : no editing done

  • ntuk dier : a new 'hit' single. the first ever
  • ntuk my sweet unvalentine : danger radio
if it's love that you want
if it's love that you after
then don't come looking for me
cus i'm so far gone far gone

Friday, October 17, 2008

33 - 5

Rule of thirds
1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
3. Post that pcture with NO editing.
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 10 people to do this.

im not sure if dy tagged me or faiz lain but hentam je

10 ppl who i would like to tag :
  • misa campo
  • hayley williams
  • cassadee
  • avril lavigne
  • my sweet unvalentine
  • sme
  • org
  • da
  • kene
  • tag
* nnt la i update. xtau nk tag sape. but the first 4 names tu wajib ok. korang x wat korang mmg sombong dan haram setelah korang jadi femes.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

tembak aisyah di tangge ( pembunuhan photography )

we had to submit for our final photography asemen yesterday and i had nothing on Thursday. i texted some frens, Epul and Eien agreed to help ( thanks a lot weh. krg mmg hensem ). but ill tell bout the photoshoot and pics in another post, while waiting for Epul to setelkan hal kolej dier dan bagi merendahkan kadar tekanan yang sangat tinggi mase tu, saye amek gamba Aisyah instead. lg comel :) mari kite open dengan...

muke busuk! dia senyum half je

mengikut jejak pak cik dia i give u, modeltangga

emo. pfft! pengaruh rakan sebaya

leading lines ekekekeke

"look ma! i can look good with no teeth!"

wahh! got satu gigi already!

"help help my head stuck liao =_="

"wink wink (^_~)/ * bye bye sme!"

comel bukan?

Friday, October 3, 2008

practice makes perfect sense

IT'S AIDILFITRI AGAIN! yerp yerp. its raye again. setelah sebulan bepuase blablabla ok watever. for the last few years, raye has been the same process and of course, i already knew it was gonna be the same. its like a tradition family ni. this is how we do. we blk kg the last day of puase, buke ramai2, basuh pinggan ramai2, g solat sunat, g kubur, bersalam2 + kasi duit raye, amek2 gamba, go to Johore the next day and blk Shah Alam. and my thoughts were spot on. except for a few changes this year, which only led to a less meriah raye. my brother and his wife + aiman + aimi didnt blk malacca. they went to terengganu. belah kak long. i guess its fair cus last year they celebrated here in malacca. in relationships u gotta give n take right? ;p then we didnt go to kubur after solat. dad said it was due to rain. i tot...ok apape ah. and yang perbezaan yg plg ketare giler is skarang, sme family da x tdo umah nenek. ade yg tdo umah sewe, tdo hotel and umah sendiri. so yg kat umah nenek cume my family and pak cik mus nyer family. so i spent nights there alone texting nini sambil berperang. so enough membebel2, lets cut to the cite.

Day 01

hehe. ni aisyah. i tot since dier comel giler, mood korang nk bace post ni membuak2 sket pas tgk pic dier. since aiman and aimi wasnt around, aisyah was sgt hot kat kampung. everyone nk hold dier la cium dier la, sbb dier plg kecik and obviously, paling comel :)

persiapaan nk g kampung : muke kene tebal, hati kene kebal. im sure my siblings wud agree with me here. kat kampung, kene perli2 tu bende biase la. my sis kene (about wat xle btau. sensitip). my bro pn kene. and yours truly, kene kaw2 liao. from radja, letto, hujan, oag, to band2 that i have never heard of. dari 1st day kat ctu smpi la last day, naik boring dengar. tp senyum kene sentiase :)

bebuke buke. sme rdy nk mkn xcept sorang tu. tgn dier x reti lepas fon. haih ape nk jd

Lai chee kang/le ci kang xdeeeee!!! perubahan yg paling ganas dan membuat diriku menanges ( dlm hati je. muke tetap macho agagaga ) ntah asal ntah, this year xde lai ci kang. so saye buke dgn gembira + pilu. tp xpe, nnt sy dpt lai ci kang yg lg best :D ouh and hanip da lost weight! tahniah tahniah kepade beliau. now saye ni bile la nk be+ berat


pas buke slalunyer ade acare membasuh pinggan beramai2 secare bergilir2. mmg ade pn. tp i had to go back ngan abang2/adik to Shah Alam sbb my brother tetggl bag baju! ngokngek lucu je. so off we go blk Shah Alam la la la. kire cam ktorang missed event of the year la hahaha. tp x rase menyesal kesal rugi atau apa jua skali pn (ayat mcm haram). biase je :)

tetap comel walaopon perot sudah buncet minom air mate amri kuceng

Day 02

next day, cam biase solat sunat. tp xde gamba mls la nk cite kn. x feel. korang pn bukan suke membace. so forward2. ok smpi part bagi duit raye ( part yg sme org tggu temasok org2 yg x puase ). nk tjk sme gamba cam byk giler. maklum la adik beradik mcm team bola siap ade substitute lagi walaopon ramai x reti main bola pn. so gamba siket2 sudah.

fahmi, dgn muke "aku bukan puase pn he he he suckers"

pisang goreng memperagakan baju raye bersame tudung. tp kejap je. pastu dier x tahan panas.


Haa da pening tgk sme biruu je? Kalau pening, tarik nafas dulu, amek udare segar. Kalau da ok sile proceed tgk imej imej biru ni. Pastu ade sesi potong kek. For mereke2 yang bday dekat. Dyana, Acap ngan Nek Bik ( and maybe bday pak busu skali kot. xsure hoho ). Yang lain dlm gamba ni sebok je. Especially 2 org kat blakang yang wat piss piss tu.

and now! sesi gamba gamba familyyyyy! yayy!! this year, we welcomes a new member to the family, suami kak is ( sorry aku xtau name kau ehehehe ) dier pn mesti tatau name aku jugak. so fair la kire kekeekke. n kite besedey sbb family Faruq xde wuu wuu

"sikit2 lame2 jadi ramai"

family Said

rambut aku xde kutu la T_T

family Yunus

faiz tonyok, fickura tp mcm rabbit, fared apape je la

fick "raaawWWRRR!"

" ya! untuk Yakult "

kkk k da da ckp ckp jadi giler. da penat penat tu ktorang pn tido (~_~)zZ (mule2 ade gamba ktorang tdo pastu aku pk mcm bazir space je so xyh ah)

malam tu ktorang g beraye umah Pak Long. dekat je ngan umah nenek. jalan kaki pn baru 180 minit. at last! dpt makan something selain ketupat! ( i was getting so muak of ketupat. sry nenek ) ngap3 nyum3 makan mee liao. pastu tambah2 pastu lapa lagi tapi segan la kan umah org xkn nk tambah 8 kali so buat2 perot da penoh walaopon sebenarnyer ade la dlm 2000GB free space lg.

my mom. dari dier la datang segale unsur kecomelan ;p mak busu sebok je

korang pn da boring tgk muke ktorang.esoknyer ktorang gerak Johore, tp aku mls la nk cite. ni pn aku rase da panjang giler post ni. itu je la post ntuk hari raye tahun ni. sanyer gamba ade byk giler babi lagi. ni baru 20% la dari camera fadhli. ade lagi 3 camera time tu. so kalau nk taruk sme kat cni mmg tekuar2 screen ah. aku pn da penat giler susun gamba da bejam2 edit bende ni. laptop aku pn da berasap2 load sme gamba2 ni dlm fotocop. harap korang terhibur :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
( dari saye dan famili saye )