Saturday, August 23, 2008

quote this spencer

spencer complained bout how long my posts were so im gonna make this one very short for him just to show that i still adore him even after his haircut ;p

so im not gonna ramble much. had a lot of fun this week. went to the library for the first time ( but yeah, didnt study or wat assignment or anything ). tried cybertracker and it was fucking laju nak mampos! i got so teruja that i d/led so many movies and didnt manage to finish my proposal on time. stupid, i know.

blaja dgn tekun

che mat approved my shots :D so now i just have to potong2 and tampal2. he asked to shoot the fireworks comp thats happening in putrajaya so i went to shoot with nini and syed. we got to putrajaya wednesday nite and asked around where the fireworks will be. so we set our tripod and stuffs and tggu je la kan nak shoot. haa amek dpt dengar bunyik je. fireworks haram x dpt tgk. in the end, kami main camera amek gamba masing2 jadi sewel je. pfft! going again on sunday

fireworks la sangat...

and finally! got my acoustic partner! haha even tho we both r noobs at playing guitar kami main for fun je. br plan2. hopefully its gonna work out. aku x saba wei spencer. kite main nxt week aku x kire

pic konon-hensem-dan-comel

mggu ni byk tgk muvi. tp xnk la cite sme. nnt spencer marah panjang ;p watched 4bia(ok), starwars(bongoknkmampos), thehappening(stimgak), penelope(orait2je). and jam sessions NEVER gets boring! i love paramontel :D sy syg billy, lan, syed dan qays

hah! camne spencer? pendek x? and sorry spencer blog aku x lawak. aku x reti wat lawak. aku reti 'break' je haha

" am i going too far... i dont wanna go too far "

Saturday, August 16, 2008

her shirt , my shirt ( there is no such thing as coincidence )

jeng jenggg part 2 of this week's blog :D so the previous was all about pictures. so this one is gonnaaa be texttt , textttt and mooreeee textttttttt. so if u tink kamu malas nk bace, xyh bace :D

lets start with mondayyyy, pada hari isnin class Photo tiade!!! yay yay~! more time for photoshoot! dont get me wrong, i didnt slack off and x buat lgsg my photoshoot ok. i did but it went terrible. ok i admit it was my fault jadi camtu cus i did it last minute and took my adek2 to be my talents wakakka since i had no one to be my talents at the time. so it was a desperate attempt just to have something to submit to che mat on monday. but since class batal, heheheh more slacking off! ;p

on that nite saye pegi makan makan bersame rakan rakan. ke lil nim's island. ouh nad and bear order air yg saye x penah tgk. air soda ape ntah. ngan air cinoni?? something like that ah. saye sgt teruja tgk air bear cus mcm stylo care minom dier. saye mcm biase aje. milo ais all the way haha. then maher showed me bunge kantan. bunge kantan eh? bunge kantan la kot. weird bende camtu pn bole gune ntuk masak2. cam lawa. n x pnah sedar pn kewujudan nyer in any cooking saye penah makan. maybe cus saye tibai je makan x kesah la amende dier gune ntuk masak haha.

ni la rupe bunge tu from ape yg saye ingat dan hentam ;p

then then saye g ke 'hotspot' kami to teman nini study her japanese. saye baik x kacau dier :D later we talked. bout stuffs. it was...'awakening'?? made me realized how lucky i am, how grateful i should be and how i had things easy all these time. im such a manje person. saye perlu grow up dan saye perlu learn to be independent! appeton grow-up-noob for me pelisss. oh and i did something yg sgt x bole blah. hahah. x bole lupe beb. perasaan...malu tapi xcited kot?

anyway, the next day g class. dpt assignment mindmap. saye wat pasal E M O. bkan elmo ok.

...the fuck???

thanks to nini for the idea. tapi the klaka part is the next day, mase present my mindmap, cik bad had no idea what emo is. so the conversation went like this :

cik bad : emo tu ape?
faiz : alaaa u with eyeliners sme tu...
cik bad : ???
faiz : yang long fringe, bangs...pastu rambot ttp mate tu...

cik bad : ...mcm you ke?
faiz : ..... ... ....

sgt xle blah ok. anyway he accepted my topic so i can continue. yay! :D ( im not emo btw ) petang tu saye teman nini g photoshoot dier. gamba ade kat prev post. saye blaja naik bus. hahaha ermmm if i still remember correctly U is for Utama (U43 lembab), T is for Local, and errrrrr.... N is for Noob??? zzzz i forgot liao. apape je ah. it was tiring cus hari sblm tu saye main futsal ( yer FAIZ MAIN BOLA GEGARLAH WAHAI DUNIA shake shake shake shake shake it! ) sgt x bole blah ok saye main. so noob T_T and then after that saye wat mindmap tu n tdo lambat. kaki saye jadi saket cus lame sgt x besukan or exercise. haishhh pasni kene exercise! jogging jogging! mari mari sme jogging!

anyway kembali ke cite tadi, yeah it was tiring but sangat fun :D and i found out where Hayley Williams lives! Taman Paramore/Paramount/Paramontel hehehe. im planning to live there bile da besar nnt but Nini ckp isnt it better if i marry Hayley and then ajak dier pindah ke Taman Bahagia (which is just the next stop after Taman Paramore ) since kalau ktorang tinggal ctu we will happily ever after. awww sweet ok. lucu la kamu busuk.

then we went to Mid Valley. sbb nk makan makan kot. n nak usha MPH cus nk abeskan coupon. i bought some stuffs for upcoming birthdays and Nini bought a book. Love and Lies eh Nini? saye lupe. Big Bob called! hah
ah takot saye dier offer sandwich beliau. so we checked out showtime kat GSC and tibe2 ade Wall-E midnite! sgt teruja ok. so kalau nk tgk kat Mid mmg x dpt ah since nnt xde bus n ktorang xle blk. so kami ( da 3 kali tls so ni ) book kat Alamanda! and dapat wooo! yay! setelah selesai segale perniagaan pasrah ( Misery Business kriikk krikk x lawak i know ) di Mid kami rush pulang ke PJ. kami sgt lucky ok dpt bus just as kami kuar dari Mid. alhamdulillah :)

we got lost kat PJ but some dudes showed us the way to Alamanda. thanks byk2 kat abang abang tu. korang mmg hensem. we wouldve missed Wall-E if it wasnt for 'em. so we got to the cinema lambat but movie blm start lagi time tu. lucky lagi kami ni. Wall-E sgt best and sgt comel and a bit menyentuh perasaan but overall best giler la kireee...wajib tgk weih. pegi pegi pegi tonton. serious. kalau korang kate x best tatau ah. moral cite tu bagus weih. wat pengajaran ;p robot2 dier smeeee sangattt comel and lucu. M-O M-O M-O saye suke M-O! hehe. but not the best movie ever la. still, stim~

kawaii beb

so the next day saye x g class pagi. ade org signkan ngee :D thank u kamu. tapi class petang pegi ah cus name saye da merah kan ( T_T ) class tu cam class melukes da. ktorang dok melukes je dlm class tu. i tried to draw helmi's hands but dier kate jadi tangan wan ahahaha. siot je spencer. anyway kami siap, hantar, n blk. oh my first essay tu dpt 6/10 je. sedeyh. oh oh oh and time nk blk saye perasan bahawesenyer Dy ade baju same ngan saye sioottt! so what? ntah saye pn xtau ahahaha. saje teruja lebeyh. ngee ;p

mlm itu Paramontel rock it out! rock and roll beby dont u know that we are alone now gimme something to sing about! hahaha we're definitely getting better at the songs that we play. except me lah. my vocals still suckass haha and ive been trying so hard to get my clean part good that i forgot to practice my screams smpi now my screams sounds like shit T_T yerp been training to reach high note listening to Hayley mostly ( sorry Nik, Incubus ssh nk training sbb saye x minat ). not trying to tiru suare dier ( laki suare pompan giler gay lol ) or style dier or watever. just nk bole reach high notes jer. it was fun. sgt. penat giler beb. billy smpi nk patah kaki, qays smpi pening kepale. aku ketiak masam la mcm biase ahahahah. next week nyer new songs sgt giler ok. menimbun-nimbun tambah. ntah sempat hafal ke x aku pn xtau. da la lagu pn aku xde T_T pastu XPDC! hahaha i have no idea camne nk nyanyi lagu tu agagagaga tp usehe itu tangge kejayaan gogogog Paramontel!

hari berikutnyer ktorang ade kene submit proposal. i did mine but somehow when i got to the print shop, opened my file, haa amek kau, gamba sme kosong. stim jer kan? in the end, x anta pape. abes la diriku. anyway after nini kate kalau wat heritage building kene wat 100% same cam the real thing, saye mmg nk tuka topic kot. nk wat yg bole design2 hentam2 sket. x stim tiru orang hehe. tp blm ade idea lagi nk wat ape. petang tu saye g photoshoot ngan fick , yo and fared. again, saye nk say thanks to korang sme. thank u fick, thank u yo, thank u fared, thank u nini, thank u 450D. wouldnt hv been able to pulled it off witout u guys. gamba ade kat prev post :) oh and i finally abes tgk Kimi Wa Petto eps 1 agagagaga

saye sgt suke Metro Station! woooooooo oooooooo aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! everybody get down!

haa told u this one sgt panjang bejele jele ngan text ;p

: )


Friday, August 15, 2008

m-o, we are out of control

so so so soooo another week passed. time for a new blog! :D now with more pictures! hahaha. this post is basically filled with tons of pictures and less wall of text. u know so that u guys xde la penat or menyampah bace je memanjang. so so so lets start with dis pic of a katak i found in the morning. actually i didnt found it, it came to me. seriously. i was taking pictures (of 'awakening') and then suddenly he came to me and went like "take my picture u noob!". so here you go mr froggy :)

these two pics below were taken during my 'teman' trip to KL with Nini. we went for her photoshoot near Menara Telekom. met Poypoy and Citah. both were nice. Pooya giler. and Citah didnt seem like mcm super shy like Nini always told me. ok jeh. then ade kawan2 Pooya yang saye xtau name lgsg tapi buat2 tau (mcm biase). Nini punyer talents were Poypoy and Ijat. i think they did great and Ijat bole masok magazine Maskulin beb :D

ini aku charge power b4 lompat. thats why sekeliling sme jadi black n white. kire cam aura laa haa takot x takot x

AMEK! lompatan rockstar aku bagi. sape yg kene sepak time tu sorry ;p

next part ni photoshoot saye pule. crew2 yang telibat utk photoshoot ni adalah fick, yo, fared dan myself. story korang tgk pon bole paham so too lazy to cite liao. enjoy :)

malang itu x bebau. tapi ketiak fick time ni bau giler hahaha

jerit2 tunjuk2 watpe. keja laa zzzzz ;p

3 gamba pasni aku xtau aku tekacau ape kat camera tu. ataupn tibe2 cuace berubah secare magic kan tapi sgt rugi la jadi overexposure ngan gelap sgt la plak. oh well~

setelah boring dirompak dan merompak, mereka decided to berdamai dan jadi kapel trs. weee~

tolak tolak tolak! pengajaran kpd semue, jgn gelakkan org jatoh, nnt dapat finger.

pastu aku gedik nape ntah. assignment ni kene 2 talents je haa aku dgn slamber nyer tambah lagi satu talent. xpe ah kalau xle pakai pn, kenangan manis fared sbg superhero yg gagah. take note dier hanye tolong mangse pompan je, dier kate laki g mam. giler diskriminasi dunie zaman

take 5 jap! lek lu sap kok lu

hero : henshin! tapau time~

hero : tenang je kau eh. aku ade kat blakang ni tgh posing. panas jer

mak kate kalau jd baik kite hensem, kalau jadi jahat trs x hensem. ini proof

da setel sme kami pn relek relek amek gamba leisure leisure :D pardon our sewelness

fared hero, faiz pentol, fick penyagak, yo yo yo wassup2

gamba control hensem walaopon kami mmg da hensem agagaga

~ lompat tinggi tinggi, ombak begelora, emak bagi duit, cekgu tunjuk aja ~
( lagu zaman tadika dulu )

maka tamatlah fotoshoot kami, ade lagi pic sanyer but kalau nk post sme susah la kan. anyway, after abes2 tu we treat ourselves with air ice blended yg stim~ i got melon, fared n yo got peach and fick bought coral blue ( org tu kate taste like Pepsi Blue tapi dier tipu nk mampos. taste merepek ape ntah ). tapi stim ar pape pn. kunyah bende itam itu nikmat ok. AND AND i finally took a pic of sticker ssb kat my car tu. ni haaa~ hehe besar giler siot. tapi xpe. bangge lebey sayang lebey bak kate aku sendiri yg main suke ati je tibai. tamat la cite photoshoot2 ni. diharap che mat suke dan diapprove dgn jayanyer. di sini saye mengambil peluang utk mengucapkan ribuan terime kaseh kepade fick, yo, fared, nini and camera beliau. thanks sgt2 korang tolong saye.

" cibai cibai cibai " - Anjani

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cut From The Team (Cute Without The 'E')

red tipuuuu akuuuuu!!! dier kate nk potong rambutt samee sameee!~!!~! now sme ahli ssb da potong rambut...aku keseorangan....wuu wuu...diorang menghensem tanpa kuuuu :( so should i ptong rmbt or not? sometimes rase cam nk potong, but sometimes rase mcm hensem xnk potong....aaaaaa sgt undecided....

rambut2 jejake hensem yg saye xkn kecapi

enough pasal rambot. i was sgt bored yesterday so saye usha2 my folders and guess what? saye usha blk pic pic zaman dulu mase kat college. awww sgt budak2. saye gelak sorang2 smlm. i miss those times.

kasih sayang yg melimpah2. agagaga

kami harry potter. weeeee~

sri rampai!!! time xde masalah lagi...happi2 je

ngap ngap ngap!!!

diorang ade, g class pn cam fun T_T

ade lagi pic tp xnk la tarok sme. just nk hilangkan rindu je. hehehe. aritu ssb lawan ngan 4dn ke ape ntah name diorang. kene blasah terok ktorang agagagaa. kami giler noob okeh. and ahli2 ssb ade yg nk benti main dota da. hmmm giler bosan. but we all know someday akan benti jugak kan. mmg x bole wat pe ah. xkn nk dota smpi mati. xpe. frenship xkn end walaopn bentinyer men dota rite? :) sak sak bom bebeh.

kate uia kepada kami :(

saye amek gamba talent td tp x jadi. maka esok amek lagi. da la m'n'm abes ok. tepakse makan ngan oreo x stim. n maaf nani. saye x datang jumpe kamu. saye kene wat shooting ni. harap maaf. oh and skarang saye dikenali sebagai Faiz Patrick T_T

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey, have you finished your ice-cream?

before apape i wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY RED!!! yaaa pada 6 august yg lpas adalah bday kepade sensei vigoss ni. diharap lycan kau trs imba but pelis dont use ur lycan against me so pucking IMBAAAAA zzzzzzz. dgr cite kau kene gangbang lvl 1 siap teammate sendiri backstab kau hahahaha mesti stylo giler. sorry x dpt join. dan kehadapan Nini kamu mmg noob salah eje name Red so pelis dont blame mee okeh. tapi xpe, manusie melakukan kesilapan ngehehehe

And speaking of kesilapan, haaa ni gamba ice cream besa kat tepi ni. kenape ice cream? haa misteri. hanye org yg 'makan' ice cream ni je tau. flavour dier pn misteri. even i xtau flavour ape. saje je letak ice cream McD ni cus mcm sedappp siottttt tengoookkkk nyuummm nyuummmmm. nyway, kesilapan nyer happened when i mixed my dreams with realityyyyyy aaaaaaaa sgt maluuuuuu ok. mamai adalah penyakit yg saye alami dari kecik lagi. penyakit ini sgt merbahaye hingge ia boleh mendatangkan gedik yg melampau atau pon in rare cases, malu yg melampau. this time, its malu yg melampau. mereke yang terlibat dlm kes ni sile sha dap ok. pelis keep my dirty little secret or else penyepak free akan sampai di muke kamu. sekian terime kasih.

moving on moving on move along like i know u doooo haaaa saye nk cite pasal kami (ahli2 studio yg hensem) pegi ke Sg Gabai. but since it was an activity that was planned by Buriburi Studio dan yg telibat pn members of Buriburi Studio (except sorang mamat hensem ni ah. yg ade camera Nikon baru tu tuih tuih tuih), i leave cerite itu kepade Buriburi Studio nyer blog ah. tapi aritu ktorang dpt gamba ini amoiii aaa waaaa so cun liao. very pretty wan. mmg untung la ktorang g Sg Gabai tu dpt tgk awek ni. tapi xle upload pic ah. nnt awek tu pukol saye. tapi ktorang dpt amek gamba ngan Radhi OAG / ske ati korang la nk ckp ape aku main2 je jgn over pelis. ni haaa gambanyerrr.

* Radhi ni x senonoh betol. Ktorang jmpe dier time dier tgh skodeng awek skali ngan ktorang. Eh diorang. aku x join. Anjung Tinjau. Poyo kan muke dier? :D *

* gamba ni saye suke - from left : Lan Mr. Cool, Qays Jejake Hensem, Amri Meow, Paiz Cookie Monster, Nik Faris Fathi, Billy Amoi Hot - *

pastu esoknyer saye menghantar rakan saye pulang ke umah uncle beliau. mcm biase, ape yg ktorang plan x penah jadi. same mcm plan amek gamba pastu x amek gamba. maka, plan bebeskal satu Malaysia dlm mase sejam tepakse cancel. tapi ok ah sbb g Sg so bole diterime. and TER tuka plan. bukan sengaje. kesimpulan, kami tetap hensem :D then ktorang main teman bisu! haa mcm doraemon punyer name gadget pon ade. tapi fun ah. stim, lucu, cumil, all-in-one. mmg menggambarkan imej dan pendirian kami agagaga. hasil dari pade game teman bisu ni ade kat teman bisu saye. so kalau dier upload, dpt la korang tgk. comel ok. Picasso ke Da Vinci Code ke sme kalah ngan artwork ktorang. terbaekkkkk~ kerane ktorang x jadi men beskal petang tu ktorang wat la plan men beskal esok pagi...hmmm selamat. same je. x jadi jugak. tapi TER overslept. jadi kami memaafkan diri kami. hahaahha. at breakfast, i learned new words. heheheh Maakkk ok bkan Mark. Paiz aroy comel agagagaga di sini la incident ice cream berlaku. luckily, no 'Awakening' this time. phewww =.= i learned about canned ayams. giler siot

oh btw, im actually sedang cuti tapi jiwa cuti tu xde pn sebab seminggu je so malas nk ckp ah. album NFG da habes d/l! yay! bole dgr! no 4 dlm list album untuk didengar aaaa jgn tgk cite Midnight Meat Train sbb cite tu bodoh nk mampos ok "Please stand away from the meat" ...THE FUCKKKKKK???!!!! yer saye x g tgk Panic. sedeyh tapi g mampos ah. my assignment talent still blm siap. esok shooting desperate akan dijalankan. hopefully dpt pic cun cun and siap trs. *fingers crossed* btw, lagu Metro Station - Shake It is currently sangat stuck in my head helpppp meeeeeeee

! Grab your hat and fetch your camera !

* Syed amek. ini pic candid ok. ke-emo-an diri saye bukan disengajekan. harap maklum. kalau rajin saye akan edit *

* nothing special pasal my photo kat air ni but yg st
ylo kalau korang tgk batu kat middle tu mcm kepale singe kan? Simba Imba RAAWWRRR!!! *

Anda tak kenal Simba sape? Sile rujuk di bawah

Ini haa Simba Imba

Simba : Mane ade x same pn tipu tipu tipu benci i roARRR!

hasil billy. terserlah kami yang sewel

* Aisyah yg sgt comel. tau, out of focus. g mampos. Aisyah tetap comel *

" Aroy Mak " - she thought i was Siamese XD