Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lucky street

tadi mase nk pegi class Muslim Modern kene gangbang ngan group of foreigners jual icecream. diorang jual icecream da mcm nk mug orang kerumun sorang2 pakse beli -__- da la kene tipu i asked if it was orange dier ckp yea yea orange orange padahal jagunggg kot tak sedap i het you all!

da la coloring dier melampau i havent even bukak the plastic baru struggle gigit2 top dier tangan da habis kuning so homer simpson. dulu time skola beli icecream ni 2 posen je. now seringgit. i blame Steve Jobs! sme pn nak mahal.

i need anyone to help me with my fyp. simply do this one question survey here. and if you guys are moreeee free, free-ier, record an audio of yourself expressing what you feel about Malaysia. u like it here or you hate it. you love it cus here got siti nurhaliza, got faiz yunus. then go around sk everywhere pn got smell durian zzzz bile ayah nk beli durian ni rindu. or if you hate it, say why. then send them to me. will be sangat sangaaat appreciated. i need like a dozen thousands of em. pictures, audio, anything.

lastly, my lecturer my Ky tgh berhadapan dgn masalah sikit. you see, anak 2nd dier i think lahir prematurely. i know he's an atheist and all but that doesnt change anything. lets all pray to Allah for his family well-being

otaku, japan