Sunday, July 19, 2009

supafly! stupefy! whatever

im not a big harry potter fan. never was. never read any of the books.
but i do enjoy the movie series. i thought the 1st and 2nd was bad but maybe i just didnt understand the storyline then so im thinking of buying *cough* downloading *cough* the whole series
many didnt like the half blood prince
fans of the book are mad cus the screen writer threw out a lot of the key scenes and that the movie didnt stay true to the book. cliche arent we? always the same comments since the first movie came out
i find the movie to be enjoyable and it was weird but unlike most of the movies that ive watched recently, there wasnt a moment where i had my attention elsewhere. well except for the part where my sis called asking bout sims 3, totally missed that part. family comes first right ;p
but then again, i went to watch it a second time so yeah
the story gave way and room for the sequel which i read will come in 2 parts cause its the end of the series i think kot ntah idk
and it aint all happy and goodguys-rocks!-bullshit like transformers. lame
but what was really lameeee was the crowd tho. both times, the crowd were laughing randomly at almost everythingggg. seriously
same thing happened when i was watching transformers and blalbalblal

( major spoiler ahead those who do not heed my warning pegi mampos )

i mean come on, dumbledore got zapped, he fell and they decided to do a bullettime thingie to like err capture the feeling as he descend to the ground
he was a goner for sure and both times, people were laughing just because he had a lifeless-shit-im-so-dead look on his face in slowmotion and probably because rowling made him gay ( really )
would be funny if all you jokers get shot and fall off klcc eh?
yea that would definitely crack some smiles
getting too emotional here

Evanna Lynch!

man dier cute giler okay. i mean her character, Luna Lovegood. i was really suprised to find out that her actual voice is really that high. insane. ain besyukur okay. suare Evanna lagi cartoon. her voice sounds so dreamy and angelic and soo erm tak macam orang lain. but i bet it would be annoying nak mampos if you got her as your gf and she's like constantly nagging or yelling and screamingg. mase tu mesti rase cam nak cabut telinge je. but more Luna plssss

im off to bed. nitenite. dont let those wrackspurts get into your ears

some people dont get how single i am


saye first time sentuh tablet so cam jakun
i tried to draw this girl but cam kene ubah2 rekabentuk muke beliau xnk bagi kantoi
ok tipu sebenarnyer i suck at drawing rupe manusia normal cukup vitamin
anatomy mmg fail sbb class chemistry slalu ponteng. bio drop
i had to remove one small detail or else it would give away who i was trying to draw
hehehe mysterious baru secret admire power kan fara kan kan wink wink zzzz
saye namekan awek ni
Siti Black Anchor Binti Mayday Parade

malang la sape jadi bini ngan anak aku


Sunday, July 12, 2009


it took me a lot of pusing2 around the kitchen and around the house to ask her but i did
i was wondering, when she decided to get married to dad, the thought of leaving her mom, didnt it just kill her
she said "mak kene ikut suami. ayah busy carik makan ntuk kita". she smiled
i know what she said is 100% true. ayah hebat boleh jage ktorang sme yg cam tahi ni
i told her i dont think i would be able to bear it. not being able to see her
"mule2 mak pn sedih" she added. she smiled

see. i could never tell ape dlm hati mak
but she can tell whats up with me straight away
i like my situasi now where i get to see her on weekends
yea sometimes nk blk rumah tu mmg malas

takde kene mengene sgt tapi aku tgk ude, abang n kak ngah da kawen pn bole je lepak rumah
aku xnk kawen kalau nnt xle jmpe mak. aku lpk rumah pn bukan aku lpk ngan mak sgt
tapi still dpt jmpe dier
aku tau aku poyo lg suke lepak ngan kawan2 dari mak. ikot ckp mak pn kadang2 je.
tapi if i had to choose, i would choose her anytime. definitely
nnt kalau da kawen aku kene pk bini plak. dier mesti nk jmpe parents dier jugak
pastu nnt due due ego nk menang alimakaton gado zzzz
pemikiran aku mmg childish sket harap maaf

ni sme video sal tu laaa

i dont think that you know what you've been missing

its funny how reading from your posts, i can pretty much tell what kind of a terrible bf your friends see me as
how 'breaking up over a stupid click five concert' makes people think how immature i am/was/wtv and what an over reacting decision it was
how stories you tell gives everyone the impression that im the guy who hurt you the most
what a load of lolzozlozlzzz
mann one sided habis. if it werent for the things i put up with thru the 1 year and 10 months, i wouldnt have dump you over a click five concert. not to mention how retarded and childish it was to get mad because of that silly little concert
you keep telling me how you regret this and that. bullshit
how your feelings should count, being selfish is pure win, and then serve everyone else with another pile of shit that you call facts, that your friends blind their eyes with and see it as the truth
reading your thoughts and how it all clashes with the things you told me makes me sick
i know you admit that you're a people-pleaser but you just go beyond your words. its insane
hectic. we all shouldve known better

but i guess it's all fair and good. people on my side feel the same way towards you so i guess it's fair
except for aurora. she's able to see it you know
she told me when it comes to you aku mmg sentap terus tanpa bepikir panjang
same macam sekarang
kau bagus la aurora. mmg betol pn

you have a bf now. reading from your blog, he is a "special sumone who loves me so much and has always make me there for me..make me feel loved..manjakan saya". so appreciate him more pls. it makes me mad everytime you reply to me with "alaaa bf jerr". rude okay. dier bukan tunggul kayu. ade hati dan perasaan

tuka topik, ive lost most of my readers. probably cus of that post i made awhile back
ntah. but its good to know those yang still bace, cares :) it's like a burger. still ade its buns and patty. just no tomatoes ngan sayur hijau ape ntah tu je. masih sedap dimakan dengan sos cili
perumpamaan yang saye belajar di class mpd oh yes

snap back to reality, im gonna have to face forest tomorrow. still no tajuk

the last something that meant anything

and nini, saye xde peminat rahsia misteri dan sewaktu dengannya okay (^o^)v kamu byk sgt bace comic

It's called breakup 'cause it's broken

skarang tgh giler album LocoRoco. jakun banyak sbb baru jmpe.
ok xde la giler like giler cam psycho atau org giler, tapi seronok denga album ni
buat pape pn happyyyyyy je sbb lagu2 dier so ceriaaaaaa
except for beberape je.
my 3 lagu fav wajib adalahhhhh bubu poruche, locoroco no uta ( yellow punyer pls ) ngan etoule pucoratte!
tepakse buat 3 kalau x byk2 sgt lagu comel. sp xde keje cam aku sile la d/l LocoRoco OST
yg 2nd pn ade OST tp album tu tak best sgt compared to the first one

aritu miss cmc so saddd x dpt market zzzzz wtv man
nk market senang je pakai dressing mcm lecturer 'favourite' aku pastu attitude kene mcm lecturer 'favourite' aku pastu main teng teng
kalau x knal teng teng takpe, reject aje ure the best i love u madam!
nxt time the 3 of us akan datang class for sure! rite zati fara? alritteeee
vector sme org hebat. tahi. sme org tarok kat facebook. aku segan la aku xnk kawan ngan sme org

nnt post picccc wedding Andy bile dpt smeeee gambaa bfb foreverrrrrr. kalau rajin

ouh saye jmpe blog Mazz! well actually bukan saye jmpe.
ade pelompat blog terhebat jmpe and btau saye.
and all i can is, berbahagialah dgn Y dan senyum dr pipi kanan ke pipi kiri
*renjis renjis blessing*

Saturday, July 4, 2009

no one rocks a err whatever you call that thing that she wears in the video ( almost all the time actually ) and that hairdo better than cassadee. well maybe heyley wud. oh and that girl at hb3 the other day but she looked like she's gedik nak mampos so wtv

* i just looked it up. its called a vest. haha lupe sial

blog boring kejap

tadi otw blk jam cam babiiiiiii. i was stucked there for like an hour lebey.
polis buat roadblock. ade purpose la kan i guesss so cannot mara2.
thanks ronnie ade teman. high five

blk blk ade mee rebus kfc n cincauuuu. layan smbl tgk pink panther.
xde la best sgt. klaka siket2. still, its wayyyy better than night at the museum 2 yg boringgg gilerrrr
and speaking of movies, sme org cam giler psl transformers.
aside from the graphics yg stylo giler baiabiabiabaib, the storyline x best ok.
i dont get it y ramai org ske sgt smpi tgk 7 8 kali. nothing special pn cite dier
wayyy tooo predictable and baikkk wayyy tooo kuattt. first one lagi best
17 again tetap plg best! asek pakai perkataan best je bosan la kau faiz

esok ramai xcited psl blendatron ntah camne nk eje aku tatau
aku pn nkkkk joinnnn. tp some things are just more important kan :D
i hope korang sme have fun tomorrowwwww
and Andy kawennn trmw! well actually td dier da nikah sme but esok cam sandingiwanqoe293 wtv paham2 la korang
weh teruje siket kawan first kot kawen. kawan rapat i mean. tasya tak kire
fara pn tak kire sbb dier kawen ngan merah nxt wk ke nxt month or nxt year or no burger

tahniah nd ngan falin! semoge korang (insertayattypicalhere)

aku tau aku ade kat sini doesnt make much difference. or maybe none at all.
tapiiiii kau jangan nangis ok besok :) even tho aku lg suke cookie yg sblm ni, thanks for the kuki kuki aki
aki tu baby dlm koreannn tapi aku rase x bole pakai camtu kot sbb it means cam infant bayi lantak mampos kau laaa kim mihyang comel

aku semangat siket blaja korean or hangul sebab satu, kim mihyang super comel. dua, sung seng nim zati aja bestttt so fun. aku suke kau gelak byk2. gelakkan aku lagi ok nxt time. tige, ok xde no tige sanyer. tapi cam pelik kalau ade satu ngan dua je. haa zati comel jugak! bole la tu jadi no tige. tapiiii bengang giler xle install korean langad9-23 boring ulang bende same byk kali. esok rompak cd sp3 bapakkk!