Monday, January 19, 2009

Sool Sool!

Sims 3 is coming out next month! hope EA wont put a 'security-lock' like they did on Sims 2 which put bootleggers to hell when trying to crack that game awal2. one problem tho, my laptop doesnt seem to be able to support games that came out even in 2007, which is pretty sad i know. so i have high doubts that ill be able to play T_T but it wont hurt to try rite? *fingers crossed*

another thing, ive known that lots of artist made a Simlish version of their songs for the game series but none really got my attention. i just found out Paramore did Pressure in Simlish for the Apartment Life expansion! never got the chance to play that one :( so went online and got the song. its weird but still, Paramore hebat walaobagaimanapn :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

where are youuuuu

next sem im gonna have to take multimedia authoring 2. where we learn Flash.
was thinking shud i practice Flash b4 sem starts since it'll make my job easier.
so i browse the web for some good and inspirational Flash vids.
have to say Happy Tree Friends has the best animation and effects. every episode is very well done.
so after watching the whole HTF playlist on youtube, i decided "dota is more fun". so i canceled my plan to learn Flash, played Dota against one of w4s| player and kene rape horribly.
still, today i learned that even little things can make me happy. like this one :)

so comel rite? especially part dier gelak tu. giler adorable
why mase aku kecik ade Barney yg hodoh nak mampos tu bukan Pocoyo T_T

this one, on the other hand, aint so cute. but still, fun and enjoyable :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

life was all a dream while akhirat is the real thing

putting my 'problems' aside, we got bigger issues on our hands.
im not one who watch the news so idk much. but i do know gaza is really messed up and there's a whole lot of muslim suffering right now.
i dont get how ppl can kill so many, not feeling guilty at all and get away with it that easily.
its not like in videogames u know. its fun killing ppl in games watching they suffer but obviously it aint in actuality.
im not one to say actually since i buy those brands them supports israel in lots of way. i try not to but honestly, i cant stop things like watching movies, using nokia and buying things from carrefour. as little as it may sound, one candy i bought from carrefour might contribute to a number of death in gaza. i know that for a fact.

there was this one khutbah a few weeks ago. it was about malaysia, muslim and of course the war. the khatib at this one masjid never failed to get my attention and make me terase in a way. it was new year and he brought up the fact that in malaysia ppl are having fun while ppl in palestine are having a hard time. his main point i think was about concerts. bende tu may seem remeh but when you think about it, he's got a point. concerts do cost a lot of money and make most of us lalai. lets say macam concert sunburst. besa giler babi rite concert tu? and we call acts from luar ( walaopon bkan sme ) so im sure mesti kene kuar duit kaw2 punyer. maybe pastu income cover blk pastu bole donate2 support tu aku tatau la. or maybe im wrong cus wat concert2 besar camtu ade organiser yg cam xde kene mengene ngan kerajaan so kerajaan cam x kuar duit lgsg ntuk bende camtu bla bla bla. but still duit tu bole pakai ntuk support org kat sane kot.

tatau la. u may say aku ni hipokrit. ckp je lebey. aku tau. aku bukan buat ape pn. aku pn tau nk seronok je kan men dota tgk wyg lpk2. and aku sedar all this is happening and aku x buat pape so maybe aku ni lagi terok dr individu2 yang terlibat. sme tu kat tangan Allah. aku harap in some way bende aku ckp ni bole buat some ppl sedar walaopon sorang ke. aku doakan warge2 palestine dan aku doa untuk diri sendiri supaya xde la lalai giler dgn bende2 duniawi sme ni dan harap diampunkan.

Here's a link to one Boycott Israel Brands campaign

you got those 'hensem' moves and you're so sure

some ppl got it wrong. i dont sing to look cool in front of everybody.
in fact, im sure a lot of ppl who've seen me sing in front of them knows how much i suck.
hell i sing off key and out of tune all the time and i dont even care.
i sing cus i have fun going crazy and being passionate doing it. also, it makes me happy :) ( awww excuse so lame haha )
so go ahead you, take your guitar or drums or bass or mic or whatever, play it loud and show the whole world how 'cool' you are looking all macho and control hensem all the time gogogo woot woot
show the world how you can sing like Freddie Mercury or rock the guitar like Synyster Gates.
i dedicate So In Love by Before Their Eyes to all of you cool people out there. cheers!

shit i got offended. oh well

with that said, i finally got some ideas for lyrics but unfortunately, they just dont go with qays' song. more CoCo for me i guess.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year

its been 10 days since new year. not so much changes. BUUUUTTTT there is one HUGE-GROUNDBREAKING-WORLDCHANGING difference. and that is, i just shaved wakakaka xD so yeah. i finally shaved after getting so many comment from ppl saying i look like shit, old and stuffs :( i tot it looked good...well sometimes. with the new me ( yea rite ), im wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

hensem ape ade misai. macam bapok pn ade kekeke

now now, yesterday DSN had a match with CE. i couldnt play since mom keep texting me to come back home ( thats why i love cuti so much, u know? ). but DSN played well. they lost the first game but basically stomped ( i know none of the CE members will read this thats why selamber lanci xD ) in the later match. ahhh im so proud of i mean DSN. theyve grown so much *sob sob* good thing i didnt play cus if i did, i would probably cost both games since i suck hard at Dota. whats Dota anyways?

my telinge is all better now! yayyy! all thanks to Nini for taking care of me when i was being so gedik in pain, mom&dad and a special thanks to Lan for the cottonbuds. would have gone crazy without em. must satisfy my korek-ing hunger. must korek2 haha

happy holidays to budak2 mmu. lets hope kite bole isi our 3 weeks cuti dengan perkare2 yang berfaedah ok? im gonna be at home, most of time ( mom&dad, u know ). when i got home yesterday mom already pesan me that im gonna have to anta budak2 pegi skola during weekdays. aint so bad i guess. its not like im gonna miss out on anything. i would probably just waste time during the whole cuti. tho i have some plans like improving myself in certain things ( including education...a lil ) , im not sure if im gonna buat ke x.

ok da panjang sgt so im just gonna potong2. paramontel probably tuka name ( i dont like paradoll so much lah guys xD ) gonna have to write the vocal part for qays' song. ermm i tink i did pretty well this sem. hope next sem lagi GG. i dreamt about a classmate in highschool. it was weird. really weird. ouh ouh Syira da balek weiiii! BAPOK SUDAH PULANGGG!!!

a friend of mine claimed that i 'OWE' her lots of songs ( without any munasabah reason ), even tho i told her i do not ( with lots of munasabah reason ), here's the song she asked me to do. im well aware i sucked...hard. but its just for fun and its for a friend, so go easy on me :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


"do you feel like a man when you push her around.. "

"lagu sape ni?"
"redjumpsuit apparatus...? you x pnah denga?"
"tak...baru ke?"
"da lame jugak kuar radio. lagu face down ni"

...been loving RJA since. thank you

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Agaga Story

cite ni pasal sebuah tempat. sebuah tempat penoh dengan haiwan liar yang telah menjadi kawasan perkuburan ramai pejuang2 negara. satu hari di mana pada hari itu malang tidak berbau, kawan aku juge telah menjadi mangse tempat cb ni. ia merupakan suatu tragedi yang xkn ku lupakan. aku ingat detik,mase,saat 0rked mati, dier ckp "this demn mushroom killed me! T~T". aku cume mampu membalas "LOL xD"

sbb aku da xde keje tadi, aku membuat keputusan utk membalas dendam demi kawan ku, dan juge utk nyawe mereka2 yang telah terkorban di cni.

setelah sarapan pagi di McD, aku betolak menuju ke arah lokasi menggunekan pelampung purple ajaib ku ( increase 60% movement speed, which is faster than atos ) mase aku gerak tu aku pn tepk "mcm mane la pelampung bole bagi aku lari laju?" tapi lantak la. asalkan aku laju. xyh gune minyak. sep siket

mase otw tu, aku lalu kat satu kawasan ni. burok jugak la kawasan tu sbb graphic game ni mmg burok kan sbb tu laptop aku mampu main, kalau tak da kuar screen biru da. aku teserempak dengan seko itik. bile aku tgk dekat2 mak aihh! tekejot gile aku!! SWAN rupenyer! korang ingat mase korang skola rendah dulu parents korang belikan beg skola SWAN kan pastu korang tesengih bawak g skola dgn banggenyer show off kat kawan2 korang tp skarang kalau korang pakai confirm malu punyer tu kan? haa dulu SWAN ni maskot brand tu ah. aku tanyer dier "asal rupe kau smpi huduh mcm ni?" dier kate "bisnes kurang. budak2 da membesa. sme bajet cool pakai adidas, nike, etc. da xnk da pakai swan. ape x cool ke pakai beg brand gambe angse? cool kan?" aku tgk tgn sebelah dier pegang spanar kaler cokelat yg besar nak mampos tu aku hanye mampu angguk2 setuju je la. dier skarang jadi badut circus. sambil sambil dier wat part time jadi plumber. haishhh kesian kesian.

setelah 8 jam sesat, aku benti jap tanyer2 orang sekeliling direction. jumpe aku seko burung ni. pakai mahkota. dier bajet dier hensem. waklu. pelampung aku lagi hensem. tapi ade something bout burung ni. mcm kenal je. muke dier pn mirip2 sape ntah. sape ek? ( kalau korang men game ni korang paham la) hmmm lantak la. aku pn meneruskan perjalanan setelah burung ni bagi direction dengan kerek.

akhirnyer smpi jugak aku kat tmpt tu. seperti yg ditande dlm map tu, di sini la tempat member aku, 0rked selalu maksud aku telah mati. mane bole orang mati byk kali kan? x logic x logic. berdasarkan muke character aku yg hensem dlm imej di atas, aku dapat merasakan soul soul mangse2 keganasan monsta monsta kat cni. aku pn siap2 sedia...untuk memulakan exmolasi (aku pn xtau ape mksd exmolasi. saje kasi bunyik mcm cool)

seko demi seko aku tebang. x kesah la bapak monster ke abah monster ke papa monster ke sme aku pawn. jahanam mereke semue! mase ni aku da x kire ape da sbb rase diri tu mcm giler hero la. ade ke patot diorang buno sme penduduk tempat ni. sampai da xde bangse manusie kat cni lagi. imej itu bukti. dlm gamba tu tangan dier terbang putus aku cantas HA HA HA

bak kate pepatah, sehensem hensem aku akhirnye kene rogol juge. McD punyer makanan x bole harap. tibe2 perot aku sakit secare melampau. monster2 tu plak amek can gangbang aku kaw2 punyer. sohai...adakah ini the end of me... i see a white figure standing in front of me... its a bird...its a plane...its..

ntah dari mane ntah tibe2 ecah datang ress aku hidup kembali. mcm mane dier tau aku dlm kesusahan dan konflik? well...kalau da takdir tu, mmg destiny la kan? ngehngeh. maka dengan bantuan ecah, makin ramai la monster cendawan koto kecundang kat cni ( mmg name monster ni DirtyMushroomMan...bongok kan? )

tp mcm orang tua tua cakap, setiap pertemuan ade perpisahan. ecah pergi meninggalkan aku. kenape? sebab dier tanyer aku "kenape u buang mase buno2 diorang ni? xde life ke?" aku btau dier "im doing this for 0rked!" and she went like "whaaat??!! pfft! im so jelesss! i never want to see you again! bazir mana aku je ress kau!" haishh pompan...tak paham aku. kalau sayang mesti nk jeles, sensitip betoi. oh well

lantak kau la Ecah. da setel da pn. habis da sme monster. yay! ( sanyer aku da mls nk tulis cite bangang ni. buang mase aku je ) kerane terlampau happy, aku wat victory dance. oh yeaa oh yeaa work it work it. budak gemok sebelah aku ni jeles ngan aku sebab dier tak reti joget...atau sebab lain? hmmm misteri misteri


see see? clean rite? siap shine lagi. all monster gone de. smpi the guy next to me tu pn tekejot tgk how clean the place is. keluar tande seru merah lagi tu bai.
now its safe for you to jalan2 here 0rked :)


dalam pembikinan cite ni. byk rintangan tepakse aku harungi mcm hilang 10% exp sbb nak amek gamba mati T~T tp xpe la. aku puas ati jugak dgn result dier agagagaga. gamba2 kat bawah ni sme cam outtakes la. picture2 yg x jadi digunakan

tp pic yang paling x bole blah, pic ni. terase giler aku monster dlm GAME cakap "Get a life!" kat aku :(

cerite sepasang telinge

pada suatu hari, papa belikan ku sepasang telinge dari kola lumpo. telinge tu kaler merah siaodja9082q....

cuti da dkat da. nxt wk paper satu je pn. no feel no feel ahahaha. kejap giler sem ni. cuti pn xtau nak watpe laa je la kot =_= next sem 6 subject. mmg mapos. baru igt nk amek foreign lingo skali. tp kalau 7 subject nnt x jadi ape plak. fail je byk. haiya aiya kaiya.
ade mpm ke ape ntah tu nxt sem. kene wat video liao. cam music video kot. tp denga cite dr senior senior kene pick a local song. a song frm a local artist lah. hmmm tau la plak kan. i know lagu malaysia a few je. mcm hujan (4 lagu je), meet uncle huss2q0938 satu lagu aaa pastu siti, too phat dan etc tu tau samar samar je. kalau bole pilih lagu luar, aku da berangan da wat video for "You All Believe" pastu aku belakon dlm tu kan hensem habes ahahaha. stylo stylo...bongok.

aaa typo tu kat hujung tu aku ade ubah sket tp malas nk reupload video so ape yg ade tu je la. tq to those yg comment2. aaa aaa aku da ade kat cimb weh! siap ade cimb clinkz ( bukan bone clinkz ok billy). wajib wat plak T~T haih. aritu aku da byr relek je kakak finance tu ckp "awak kene bar" dgn muke dier yg xde perasaan ( muke qays pn lagi byk perasaan dr kakak ni ). time tu rase mcm nk limit break je kakak tu. nsb bek pastu dier setelkan. kalau x wing chun aku bagi.
haaa cite ipman korang sme kene tgk weh. wajib wajib. cite kungfu plg best kot aku pnah tgk. sammo hung sme tu mmg power. aku nk benti mmu blaja wing chun tapau all. tgk sp brani lanci dlm dota lagi pastu? hahaha

paramontel da berabad x jamming betol2. igt nk jam nxt wk. qays paper lame la plak. nak tulis lagu aku ni x poetic la plak. lirik direct habes simple plan la kuar mcm nii...
smlm aku mimpi plg pelik la. yg confirm dlm mimpi tu aku jd Vincent Valentine. sape tau tu tau la. apehal ntah Vincent. maybe mase aku kecik dulu, Vincent tu mcm super hero fav aku la (walaopon dier bukan superhero. watak sampingan je) dulu aku suke giler dier ni. mmg suke smpi berangan2 sme ar. tp skarang x pnah la plak aku tepk pasal dier. ni smpi mimpi plak. ok aku mimpi tu mcm giler lame la kire mcm dari start movie ( camne jd hero ) smpi part hujung slamat kan awek then gg. tp bile aku tebgn ( disebabkan adik2 aku yg x reti diam...niama ) rupenyer aku baru tdo sejam lebey. kan slalu kite mimpi kejap tp padahal da tdo 2 hari 3 mlm kan? ntah. aku rase pelik

oh pastu telinge aku bengkak buat kali ke 3 kot. tangan aku ni mmg gatal. asek nk korek je. pastu everytime bengkak mmg complain la. aku rase for the past one week mmg aku dok complain je kat sme org aku sakit. gedik habes. tp mmg sakit giler laaa.. tekanan giler bile aku bgn tdo always saket. tp salah sendiri kan. sape suro.
cite pasal telinge ni da slalu tejadi kat diri aku ni.

mase aku 5/6 tahun dulu, aku da start da bad habit suke korek telinge ni. ape yg ade kat tgn sme aku bantai korek. ade skali ni, aku korek pakai kaler pensel. staedler bai. high quality kan sepatotnyer? bole tgh korek2 dier patah dlm telinge aku. cb niama sohai quality my ass. kene pegi doctor kasi kuar itu mate kaler pensel. kaler merah kot. sbb tu aku suke kaler merah rasenyer wakakakak. ntah la. tp yg penting, dpt gule gule oh yeaaa. jgn jeles.
pastu berape tahon lepas tu, mase zaman aku ngan siblings aku dok gado wat record Jumping Flash sape plg pantas. aku ade korek lagi la. tp kali ni pakai tmpt korek besi tu. first time. skali abang aku dok main keja2 ngan abang aku yg lagi sorang dier bole tesepak tgn aku pap. melelelele darah bai. mmg aku ngs la time tu. skt giler. mmg g doctor la. tp x dpt gule2. siot nyer doctor. dier kate gegendang aku luke sket. sbb tu smpi skarng pendengaran aku kurang clear sket. aku pn da lupe telinge blah mane.
pape pn skarang telinge aku kiri ni bengkak so mcm aku denga sblah je ar jugak. kalau aku x denga ape korang ckp tu sorry la.
doakan aku sihat cpat.
bye bye :)

my hero